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    Stuck on Loading screen

    Hi everyone 4 days ago i downloaded Defiance on steam i have logged in, press the PLAY button, game have logged in to character section and when i choose my characer the game started to load and then nothing happens it just freeze...
    I search online for this problem and check Defiance help section but nothing helps..
    Things i've done:
    -Wait 15 minutes to load
    -restart my PC
    -reinstalled the game two times
    -add Defiance to my Antivirus to stop blocking the game
    -I have turned of my Antivirus and then downloaded the game again (third time..)
    -I downloaded glyph launcher and downloaded Defiance again (for the forth time...)
    -I made new character it load prefectly and i was on the crash site but I could't take the mission from the ghost and when i shoot monster he did't react at all i could see im taking damage but his HP was still full..
    -And i check firewall, Defiance got an access..
    -I mail Trion help section about 2 days ago but still no answer..

    Anyone know what eals can i do to make it work?

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    Game successfully loaded, for those who facing the same problem I'm writing things i've done to make it work:

    1. Press the 'Windows' + 'R' keys simultaneously.
    2. In the 'Run' window that appears, type 'msconfig' without the quotes and click 'OK.'
    3. In your resulting 'System Configuration' window, click on the 'Startup' tab. (For Windows 10 you will then click 'Open Task Manager')
    4. Disable all of the programs that are unnecessarily run on computer startup. (Please note that your security software may be among the listed startup programs, and that you can always disable or enable additional software using this list before or after computer restarts).
    5. Click on the 'Services' tab.
    6. Click on the checkbox next to 'Hide all Microsoft services.' This will remove all of the Microsoft services from the Services list and keep them from becoming disabled.
    7. Click on the 'Disable all' button.
    8. Click 'OK.'
    You will then be prompted to restart your computer, which you should do before proceeding.

    Also update your windows if you have any pending update.

    Thank you problem solved

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    Nope doesn't work I can't progress in the story

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    Same here with "into the depths" ps4 EU gets stuck in the loading screen

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