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    New Content Available Bug - Pursuit Rating related?

    Well, I destroyed my 50th Shadow War vehicle the other day and accomplished the “Shadow War Profiteering II” pursuit.

    And in doing so, “Climbing the Ranks of Echelon IV” was completed and my Pursuit Rating reached 1900.

    I got the “Echelon Operative” outfit , but I also got something else...the “New Content Available” bug .

    So...this is just a heads up (a little data, FWIW) for the Developer Team – it seems the bug might be related to one of the following actions:
    Completing “Shadow War Profiteering II”
    and / or
    Completing “Climbing the Ranks of Echelon IV”
    and / or
    Reaching 106/108 for Season One

    In any case, it seems to be a status change in the Pursuit Rating tree that triggered this bug for me.
    And, it's now that I realise what the biggest issue is with this bug – it makes it hard to the use quick menu / radial menu every time one logs in / teleports - this is pretty frustrating.

    Hope this helps, maybe this bug can finally be traced and fixed .

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    i have to lower ego toons with this glitch. and they dont have the shadow wars pursuit complete . here is a vid of the pop window glitch.

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