It's actually opposite astronomy of a grand scale. If you pay Max Shop Industries/Defiance Store Universal, (on Planet Arkfall), a visit, then visit the Outfit Sector Of Max Shop industries, The Names Of Each Outfit is being given True Meaning, according to their Ark-Profession travelist as a Regional Existence, with many Regional Skills and Abilities which Supports their Role/Roles, (within), an Ark Economic/Regional Structure/World Of Defiance, efforts that Works for an Ark-Region. Each Name Of Each Outfit, (And what you may see when visiting isn't the beginning), World Ark Executives will later on unfold them as Ark Traveler's First Sub-Classes, which A Regional's Setting Unlocks as Regional Mines, new Resources, Currencies, Ark-Researches, Regional Uniques, Ark-Raids (Massive Party Assembling), Regional Developments, Gear Productions (Arkfall and Max Shop Industries), Building Access, Base Of Operation"s Entry/Entries, and so forth, that's Support the Region, the Ark Traveler, their Clan Association, but most importantly, the Ark Traveler's Regional Role/Figure and Ark-Profession who Works for a Region of their choosing.
And also Represents the Region's Interests, with Arkfall's Npc Association's presence and Requests will be leading Regional Directors, who will unlocks the a Region, or the Region, for Ark-Travelers based on their World Of Defiance/Gameplanet Imagination, with Paths Splitting in many directions.

World Of Defiance's Regions are establishing abroad acrossings, themselves as Rank Level Two, along side what A Clan Organization means in terms of definition, which Clan Organizations was defiant/established as Rank Level One...
The Executive Of Muir will be opening a Door soon. The Door will multiply many Doors.

(Eye's Central Horizon and Regional Alliance's Calendar)..,everything's moving accordingly, (on all sides on the Ark where it all began), as planned, and on schedule.

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this is the random stuff we get in zone on the 360. ya forgot to pause for a tea break jade

ok so basically in a nutshell, the game population is dying players are broke, theres nothing to do and he wants something like the exchange brought back. or i could be way off