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    It's actually opposite astronomy of a grand scale. If you pay Max Shop Industries/Defiance Store Universal, (on Planet Arkfall), a visit, then visit the Outfit Sector Of Max Shop industries, The Names Of Each Outfit is being given True Meaning, according to their Ark-Profession travelist as a Regional Existence, with many Regional Skills and Abilities which Supports their Role/Roles, (within), an Ark Economic/Regional Structure/World Of Defiance, efforts that Works for an Ark-Region. Each Name Of Each Outfit, (And what you may see when visiting isn't the beginning), World Ark Executives will later on unfold them as Ark Traveler's First Sub-Classes, which A Regional's Setting Unlocks as Regional Mines, new Resources, Currencies, Ark-Researches, Regional Uniques, Ark-Raids (Massive Party Assembling), Regional Developments, Gear Productions (Arkfall and Max Shop Industries), Building Access, Base Of Operation"s Entry/Entries, and so forth, that's Support the Region, the Ark Traveler, their Clan Association, but most importantly, the Ark Traveler's Regional Role/Figure and Ark-Profession who Works for a Region of their choosing.
    And also Represents the Region's Interests, with Arkfall's Npc Association's presence and Requests will be leading Regional Directors, who will unlocks a Region, or the Region, (and their regional uniques), for Ark-Travelers based on their World Of Defiance/Gameplanet Imagination, with Paths Splitting in many directions.

    World Of Defiance's Regions are establishing abroad acrossings, themselves as Rank Level Two, along side what A Clan Organization means in terms of definition, which Clan Organizations was defiant/established as Rank Level One...
    The Executive Of Muir will be opening a Door soon. The Door will multiply many Doors.

    (Eye's Central Horizon and Regional Alliance's Calendar)..,everything's moving accordingly, (on all sides on the Ark where it all began), as planned, and on schedule.

    Quote Originally Posted by richardkrainium View Post
    this is the random stuff we get in zone on the 360. ya forgot to pause for a tea break jade

    ok so basically in a nutshell, the game population is dying players are broke, theres nothing to do and he wants something like the exchange brought back. or i could be way off

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    (A Regional Job Application In World Of Defiance, Mathiss In Muir)

    (Executive Of Muir)

    Muir's Business Auditoriums is Recruiting a Gear Hunter/Ark Breaker, who assist and Supplys Muir's Regional Supplier, who in turn, Supplies Area, Regional, and World Ark Demand/Buyers, (Working For Muir's Business District)

    Gear Hunters are Ark-Towers who crashes the Biggest and most Intense Ark-Battles, (Battles with True meaning's Difficulty doesn't matter), amassing mountains of Gear Productions of all Arkfall Industries, returning from the fields when Storage Inventory is fufilled, Transporting the Shipment Of Goods to Muir's Regional Supplier, (if their Area, Regional, or World Pursuit has true meaning), and is said, Gear Hunters askes for nothing in return, (with each Ark-Tower having their own reasons), only crashing The Ark Impossibles. Gear Hunters Adventures in Groups Of Four Tall.

    Working for an Ark-Region is based on Equal Footing and Many Respects, with endless Regional Ark-Roles to fill/assume, that's Regional Loyalty descended as, trusting the Ark Traveler next to you to fufill their Regional Role, which takes pressure off everyone working for an Ark Region as a whole. Team work, coordination, communications, and Area's Network Communication are critical Ark-Keys to possess. Efforts within Ark-Regions sometimes comes with Base Salaries, such as Weekly Salaries, Regional Pursuit Salaries, Daily Contract with Salary upon Completion, or Property Salary Income. Protecting an Ark Region and it's Frontiers, would be seen as a Stable Sign to Ark-Civilians on the Ark, who will then begin arriving across the Regional you protect.

    Once Terms Of Agreement, The Ark Breaker is respected as the're own boss by near abroads, and far horizons. First order of business, is to choose a Muir Region, (that from accumulating Region Loyalty), you ( and the Gear Hunter Organization), will be able to Regionally Invested in as one's Campaigns thickens. Afterwards, setup a Base Of Operation, an Area where you wish to build, or rebuild your Base Of Operation, once Property Contracts becomes available.
    Second, assemble your own Team, a Team Of Ten, who can Recruit their own Team Of Three. Delta Six Operators, (Wires Of Tactics and The Group's Communications), Rosters a Gear Hunter Party as Fully Completed for Ark-Battles.
    Last, you'll meet Muir's Regional Supplier, and Muir's Business District's adventure will begin re-establishing World Ark's Market Block, and it's unique Values.

    Muir's Arkfall Npc Association observing the Gear Hunters as a Organization, (and their World Of Defiance Imagination/Video Game Imagination), if at any point feel during the Gear Hunter's Adventure, the're bringing to the Region, (In Regional Gameplay Display), what it truely means to be a Gear Hunter in Muir, their Ark-Profession, and loyalty/understanding to Regional Role, the following Regional Uniques can be Granted Access to Gear Hunters working for Muir......,

    - Muir's Gear Hunter Rankings is Reborn, thus rebirthing It's Fame Bar Settings of Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legend, Supreme, Super, Legacy, and so forth, as it was during the Launch of the 1st Project Ascension Era, (A Planet Ark Key Given to Game Travelers, during a Conversion an hour away, before World Of Defiance was autored as a Test Beta.) A Fame Bar which Rank within Gear Hunter's Hall, requiring the Gear Hunter Rank/Ego of 6000, before unlocking the next Setting Rank in Regional order.

    - Max Shop Industries will develop Special Gears/Outfit for Gear Hunters, (High Tech and Performance), then Transport them to through Central Horizon's Private Supplylines, who will purchase the Gear Production, (doesn't matter if it's 9000 in Bit Vales), and Deliver the Shipment to each Gear Hunter, properly Threading Gear Hunters who can turn the Tide Of An Ark Battle, and upon Trading the Special Gears to them, locks permamently after the exchange, Threads which is leader of Two Regional Synergies, supporting A Gear Hunter Party, and Surrounding Gear Hunter Parties in Battles, a Max Shop Industry Production assisting their Regional Role, but not permitted in Arena Rule for many reasons.

    - An Arkfall Npc Association Alliance:
    People Of The Ark/Ark-Civilians believe, observing, and witnessing Gear Hunter's Protection of a Muir Region, or Muir as a whole, (A Stable Risk to come out of hiding), flocking to Populate, and when establishing themselves, will arrive within the Region or Regions under the Gear Hunter Organization, seeking an Regional Alliance, and upon Terms Of Agreement, that Ark-Civilian will offer their Services, giving the Ark-Gear Hunter access to Hire an Npc Associate. At that point, Gear Hunters can choose the Npc Associate's Regional Profession, but as an Assistant to Outfit Names of Ark-Professions, (at Max Shop Industries/Defiance Store Universal), which is being given Regional and World meaning on the Ark, who by the way for an example..., let say the Gear Hunter chosen Miner as the Npc Associate's Profession. Gear Hunters can send them on an Area, Regional, World, or (coming soon), a Planet Pursuit to Mine, Pursuit, Upgrade Current Ark Mines, or Discover New Resources, but before sending a Npc Associate on Regional Request/Vise Versa, Gear Hunters will be able to purchase Npc Association Gears for their Npc Associate, and Equip them, preparing them. It's also wise for Gear Hunters to give their Npc Associates Operating Funds/Currency to work at their best, and since Npc Associates prepare, (in the fields) for Adventures ahead of themselves, (even hiring other Npc Organization to assist their Journeies), they'll need to be well funds, to ensure Pursuit Success. However, Ascensions that Supports, or supporting Gear Hunter's Regional Role and the're Ark-Profession.

    (Only one Ark-Gear Hunter Per-Console, and only Three Npc Associate Hires Per-Gear Hunter, who works for Muir's Business Auditorium.)

    - Muir's Regional Armory: Muir's Regional Armory is a Regional Unique Access, that requires Ark-Scentists and Ark-Engineers of all Classes that needs to be Recruited, (by The Ranked Gear Hunter Of Muir's Armory), and when Recruited, are Activated with Regional Abilities and Skills related with Elevating/Upgrading/Progressing the Regional Armory, whether it's the Armory's Defensive or Offensive Capabilities, Regional Boost Of All Classes (Activated Regional-wise by using an Arkfall Industry, or a Max Shop Industry Spike/Boost Supplies, and Radius could be Regionally Upgraded by Ark Engineers, but with a Regional Time Limit for all Gear Hunters within that Radius, yet different World Of Defiance Industries), Muir's Regional Armory Uncoverings, Regional Research, Ark-Research Points (onced regionally discovered and researched), Area, Regional, World, and Planet Operations (Ark Battles Upgrading/Leveling Up and Re-Equipping, (as Ark-Waves wages spawns), then Ark Oppositions will bring the Beat, since in World Of Defiance's terms, (A Hall Of Game one), from an Ark Regional's per-spective, (Planet Ark's Imagination Ascending to Rank Level Two), Gear Hunter's Arrive.....,

    -A World Ark Business Price: There's a price being a Gear Hunter. The're Hunted by Major Arkfalls of all Classes on the Ark, and Ark Opposition's Plan Of Actions Across Planet Ark, that can spark not an Area, or Regional Incursion, but rather a Planet Incursion as a World/Map. Each Planet Ark Incursion Spawning Hunting for Gear Hunters, charges an Arkfall Beacon that only appears during Operation Arkfalls, (an Arkfall Inc discovery now figured out, how to charge the Beacon), a Super Arkfall that exist in the Ark-Zone, (Called Portal Arkfall), but was Sealed/Caged, (in the Ark-Zone), on Isolation Island, today known as Traz by Ark Travelers, (Second Landing), Ranked as, Planet Incursion and a Super Arkfall, but as one, thus forcing a great Ark-Battle between the 2nd Regional Alliance, and Ark-Gear Hunters, that resulted in Sealing Portal Arkfall, and Gear Hunter's Regional Armory (Located in Muir), that Ark-Research later on Legendary, as three serious Regional Uniques attracting each other, and it's surrounding influences.

    - (A Regional Price/Muir's Regional Armory Unsealing, awakens.....,(Portal Arkfall)

    The Price Of Muir's Regional Armory being Reservice/Roster with Ark Travelers, (re-awakens), Portal Arkfall, Gear Hunter's Adversary. Portal Arkfall is an Ancient Arkfall from Muir's Ark-Zone Originally, (The Twin Side Of Muir As A Region), Ranked tied 3rd as Ancient Of Arkfalls, onced tested by Arkfall Inc, (on the Ark at disclosed locations), before it spark a fire between Regional Allaince of the 2nd World Ark Era, and Gear Hunters from the 2nd World Ark Generation, that stalks Gear Hunter's Organization as a whole, that appears three days an Ark-Week of it's choosing, final results from Regional Test detailing from the 2nd Planet Ark Era...

    It was documented by Ark Hunters, (that went on to be Ark Hunter Legends), who fought Portal Arkfall, when it suddenly appeared, in all cases in Major Arkfalls, Ark Hunters first have to Battle through five Minor Arkfalls, before arriving to the Major Arkfall Boss Battle, (within the Major Arkfall), but with Portal Arkfall, spawned five Major Arkfalls, with each Wave of five Waves, a Boss Fight Showdown, (of different Bosses and their Clan Organization), which Ark Chasers have to Battle through to get to a Legacy Major Arkfall Boss Battle, (Two Bosses and their Clan Organization Battling as a Team), (within an Ancient Arkfall.)

    The Rewarding/Awardings/Treasure New System/Network, (thanks to an Ark-Eclispe's World Effects (brewing in our Ocean Grahpic) on course for landfall), Accounts Increases as Major Arkfalls and Ancient Arkfall's Ark-Battles gets bigger and Intense, which by any chance, if Ark Hunters/Ark Chasers are present at these Battles in Numbers, (whether beginning or middle), your Ark Opposition/Enemy WILL Bring The Heat, (nevertheless), if Ark Opposition bring too much Heat, Major Arkfalls and Portal Arkfalls will Transform to another Rank, (during the Ark-Battle), then, Welcome To An Ark-Raid.
    During an Ark-Raid Major Arkfall, or an Ark-Raid Portal Arkfall, (while the whole overall's taking place) Rewardings/Awardings/Treasure Accounts, (Across the Board), will also increase further, based on Skills and Abilites used/how the're used, (during Ark-Battles), to survive the Battle. However, there's a catch, Ark Hunters must Defeat all Major Arkfall Bosses, or Portal Ark Bosses when there's five minutes left, or ten minutes left in the Battle with Major Arkfall Bosses, or Portal Arkfall Bosses, (depending on the difficulties of that Boss), and if follows the Blueprint Rewarding Accounts can be Massive, but more uniquely, Quest Hall and Arkfall Inc's new Rewarding Network Structure can Rank to the Next World Ark Level, and new World Major Arkfall Bosses will begin awakening, but as well as the New Rewarding Network Ranks, it can de-level if Ark Travelers dismisses/ defeat Major Arkfall Bosses, or Portal Arkfall Bosses, before those time requirements arrives, which Ark Hunters won't be able to Tap into Quest Hall and Arkfall Inc's New Rewarding Networks, and will hereby recieve normal Reward relations.

    Revived within Portal Arkfalls, (when a Gear Hunter's dominating in the Ark-Battle), are Battle Ark-Key Titles such as Contender, Escape Artist, Over Kill, Skill Burst, Frenzy, and many of sorts, inventory with Single, Group, Clan, Area, Regional, World, and Stats Boosts of all Classes, Shapes, Forms, and Fashion, lastly 20 seconds and better of many Ark-Techs.

    When Gear Hunters Defeat The Legacy Major Arkfall Boss, (that can Transcends to another Rank, thus spawning a 3rd Legacy Major Arkfall Boss), and remembering Portal Arkfalls spawns from the Ark-Zone, and therefore, can't be Offically defeated in World Ark's Timezone, before them, (after math) of Battling and beating Portal Arkfall's Final Boss on the Ark, (or spawned in another Ark-Region), A Portal Ark, (Portal), to the Twin Side of Muir or another Region that it spawns in, (The Ark-Zone), awaits.

    (Wise Gear Hunter's advice, (from detailing Ark-Chronicles Adventures), before stepping through the Portal Ark, (as an Ark-Traveler/Chaser), make peace with your Planet Ark Rivals, or at least find common grounds.)

    Gear Hunters apassing through the Mortal, Boots Meeting Ground, Welcome To The Ark-Zone, the Twin Side Of Muir Regional, and Many Things Just Happened...,

    - The Ark-Zone's Heartbeat Just Ranked It's Dimension To Expert/Advanced.

    - Gear Hunters Is Down 3000/3 Ranks/Levels/Egos, Meaning, Planet Ark, Gears Hunters can Ranked to 6000, (and is Rewinded to 6000 upon returning). Jacket In The Ark-Zone, Gear Hunters can Rank to 9000, (and Only The Ark-Zone, and Accomplished Ranks upon Returning to The Ark-Zone, will be Fast-Forward to that Rank.)

    - Portal Arkfall's Oppositions and The Ark-Zone's Oppositions, is Ranked 9999/9 with Land, Cities, Towns, Outposts, Majesty Of The Ark-Zone, Except Fortress Violet, Where Boots First Met Ground. The're Elitely Organized, Equipped, Tactic Commanders, Self-Economic, and World Support. Starting A Flame/Open Battle Is Pure Nonsense.

    - Map, Productions, Markets, Radar, Resources, Ark-Construction, Mining, Diplomacy, Support, Alliance, Clans (Rank Level Two: A Region (Hidden Achievement), Exploration, Techs, and so forth Resetted/Haven't been Discovered, or Researched By Gears Hunters In The Ark-Zone Yet.

    - Twin Ark-Zone's Universal is Arena Rule, A PVP And A PVE World/Time-Zone.

    - Portal Arkfall Just Transform Into It's Twin it's Tied With In Rank, Planet Arkfall.

    - Road Rash Stallion Doom Of Ancient Ark-Zone, If Gear Hunters Aren't Revived Issue Of 7 Minutes/Tissues, Flex In Peace. You'll be Loaded Back to The Create A New Character Screen, Re-Focusing On, either Reborning or Choose Another Character/Ark Hunter. No Such Thing As An Ark-Belt Starring In The Ark-Zone. And Rightly So, That's Pearl Of Defiance/Imagination Rank Level Two, But Not Ark-Hunter Between Ark-Hunter....,Yet. (However), When That Gear Hunter Return To The Ark-Zone, (Through The Efforts Of A Spawned Portal Arkfall), You May Visit Your Defeated Gear Hunter's Ark-Tome.

    - The Portal/Portal Ark Must Be Protected By Ark Travelers, (And There's A Huge Reason, If World Of Defiance So Far, Is Following A Planet Ark Pursuit, (But Dojo, Aspiring From Planet Ark's Time Poem/Zone.)

    - Planet Arkfall's Prime Tone, Area, Regional, and World Zone Bosses Can Lawn/Dawn At Will, (And Their Clan Association), Anytime Face Off Quote's Fitting. Nor do Ancients Of Arkfalls sit adle while Ark-Travelers form Plans Of Actions.

    -What's Build or Constructed, and what's already Build or Repaired (or in need of repaired or rebuilding), in the Ark-Zone by the Ark Hunter Association and Clan Organizations, or Arkfall's Npc Association, can lead to Ark-Villages, Outposts, Towns, Cities, Area Of Interests, A Region and forth, being destroyed by Ancient Arkfalls/Ark-Zone's Oppositions, if Gear Hunters can't protect Regional Frontiers, thus leading Open Battles to where they reside, and Region Of Interests takes heavy damage during Ark-Battles, but what's lost during Open Battles can be rebuild, but it will cost the Ark Hunters Associations, who may lose Ark-Civilians, and a Regional Population Percentages Of Trust, that can be Earned back, Rated based on Ark-Traveler's Decisions.

    - (Yggdrasil Of Turbulent Flow/The Ark-Zone), The Ark Hunter Association/An Ark Hunter's Dynasty, is Determine by the Decisions They Make.

    - Expeditions, Expos, Shadow Wars/Doors, Seiges, Regional Incursions, Competitive Campaigns (Ark-Bounties againsted Gear Hunters/Ark Hunters), Ranked To An Open World Setting Pawning Villages, Outposts, Towns, Cities, Area Of Interest, Base Of Operations, Clan Organizations, and Regions Gear Hunters Conquered, Liberated, Supports, or Protects, whether Adventuring in Ark-Dungeons, Caves, or above ground, with each Ark-Zone's Version Dawning Based on Regional Decisions Treading.

    (Studying World Ark Scrolls)....(Portal Arkfalls: What happens After the Legacy Major Arkfall Boss Battle )....A Planet Ark Pursuit Continues........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bushede Jade View Post
    Jade's visionaries translation flash left's imperialism, and right's universal, extracting President Of The Ark, Defiance Senators, Development Masters, General Masters, Tech Corp Masters, Arkfall's Board Of Directors, Arkfall's World Npc Association, Regional Representatives, Faction Forefathers and Godmother Organizations, Arkfall's World Business Auditoriums, Defiance Headquarter's Sensations, Arkfall Industries and Leading Corporate Operatives, Arkfall Book-Keepers/World Ark Librarians, Conductor Of Water Temple's Shrine, The Head 7th, Quest Hall Honorables, Arena Rule Executives, Earth Republic Elites, Arkfall's Auto Motor Industries, Intelligence and Lawkeeper Tuxedos, Regional Alliance, Central Horizon (Central: World Ark's Hub), Ark Hunter Association, Ark Hunter Generational Legends, and Clan Organizations superficial in attendence, who have gathered, celebrating the first Anniversary of Project Ascension, and the 5th World Ark Generation, at The Ark Grand Hall/The Forum's Second World Press Conference, an anomaly request autored by Defiant Few's Decree.......

    The Second Understanding within World Of Defiance, (and hemisphere at The Ark Grand Hall), stepping forward, milestones re-established Planet Ark's forgotten Provisions, uniforming Zodiacs who've lost the reason why the're Adventure first began......,(having to observe for three rains/years, The Ark Hunter Association defeat it's self genuinely.)

    (Jade took center stage and began.....)


    " Marking an Ark year, since the fall of Stone City and defeated on Planet Rock, (the Second of three Planets/Maps in World Of Defiance), many of us returned on the Ark/1st Map, after our Characters were defeated permanently, but held Planet Rock for a year, and thankfully, the Rock had it's own Chat Communications, divided from relations on the Ark."

    "Upon our return, Market Values, Understanding, Trade Routes, Regional Developments, Gear Production, World Relations, Network Communications, (Area, Regional, World) Resources, Arkfall Industry Access, Clan's True Meaning, Arena Rule's True Meaning, Auto Motor Industry's True Meaning, The Ark Hunter Association's True Meaning, Currency Values, Thoughtfulness, A Defiance's Region True Meaning, World Ark's Imagination (Dominated by Reality's Imaginations), Dreams,and forth was a mess, which clearly, is platforming it politely. Our seasoned Adventures wouldn't permit us to point East, West, North, or South, being that Gameworld's Imagination doesn't gravity fingers, (or exist). Instead, World Ark's Imagination Dreams."

    "Everyone who return defeated, (before going into a cold sleep, mentally resting), scattered abroad to investigate what happen on the Ark, while we was on the Rock for a year trying to Milestone an Ark Portal, (Planet to Planet Teleportation.) Regional Alliance's Headquarters in Muir was fertilizer the greeting point of threading summaries implementing, if concluding frontiers breached reflections of achieving solid porridge. Sculpturing parliamentary significance, tropical paintings to Class of Ark-Professions, Emotions, Passion, and Loyalty, (have fun, but serious in what we do), anger was mounting, so one by one, Seasoned Adventure possession Cold Sleep, until i was the only one left to figure out, (since as the only Ark-Diplomat defeated who return on the Ark), it was my cosignment only, (as i learned later on) to configure, (if i fit to light the Beacon of the 4th Project Ascension)"

    "I drove back to Regional Alliance Headquarters and park outside the headquarters, lit an Ark-Cigar enjoying a cup of the finest Tea the Ark had to offer, pondering in deep thoughtfulness. Nightfall followed the Region losing track of time theology, when Scarr Note opened the door to my Rigg, (someone who i was looking for, for 72 hours, but couldn't locate him, since he was following us waiting for the others to depart), closed the door and said, " Drive. Bloodbath. We're late." During the drive to Bloodbath, i day-dream back to the day of my first Ascension, a scenery, during the Battle to the only working Starship, (16 stories down), Scarr Note and his Clan Association disappeared, and was not on the Ship when we ascended. Arena Rule's First Legendary Ark Hunter wasn't arrangement for much dialogue, but rather mind blowing unique impact, just when Ark Travelers umbrella, grammatical's appearances has been punctuated. We pulled up at Grit Falls, disengaged, and enter the Headquarters Of Bloodbath."

    "Doors margin slightly parting, (then closing), utopians wintergreen planet summerwoods vision in the room. Deliberations vertical silence as me and Scarr Note's celebration weatherglass the Auditorium. Head Representation of Board Of Directors, Npc Association, Arkfall Industries, Faction Organizations, Conductor Of Water Temple's Shrine, The Ark-Keeper of Tower Of Mirrors (Located North Of Overpass), and a Senior Grand Hall Master (Glitter Lights), skyline the auditorium's vineyardist. Circumstances at that point begin to add up, so i listen, rather then speaking in poetry of acknowledging/learning more. After the Sitdown between extraordinary solar flares, i synergy exit graphic, (with World Ark's data we missed while on the Rock), jumped in my Rigg flooring it to regain lost momentum, optioning coords of a private location in Mount Tam."

    "Expression charms of the Ark-Zone, i, (before advantages graduated to we), open The Planet Ark File to continent synthetics that accompanied off course. Terminal recommendations rationality only one Organization that kept glowing, as i read, study, and then investigated, the Planet Ark File. The Ark Hunter Association. I close the Planet Ark File, and begin Recruiting to relight the Beacon of the 4th Project Ascension, (while also), observing decisions, imagination, understanding, and actions of the World's Ark Hunter Association, and their Clan Organizations on the Ark. In the Planet Ark File however, i did discover something very interesting. Roster within the World Ark Hunter Organization, were Adversaries who represents other Game World Interests, not World Ark's Interests, (from a player point of view, with boots on the ground.) Thankfully, not within the Ranks of the Ark Grand Hall. World Ark History of Adventures was beyond sentence's expression to be apart of, however...."

    (Moving on)

    "With the Arrival of Py'Numbra and Clan Organization, (first contacted by The Ark Grand Hall, but asked the Ark Six to make The Call), Project Ascension's Major Supporter, (Quest Hall's the other Supporter), docked on the Ark, organized by every Organization, Association, Industry, World Ark Executive, Masters, and Planet Ark Official mention during the Ark Grand Hall's Second Press Conference Opening Introduction, except The Ark Hunter Association and Clan Organizations (who were in the driver seats), who Assests were revoked by Arkfall's Npc Association, after they failed to uphold their side of Agreements bridged at the 4th Market Auditorium Conference, when Central reported in Zone's Effect/Zone Chat, (on the Ark), AF Npc Association's Ark-Merchants docking to improve Regional Supplies and Mod's uniques, who then begin arriving to Muir's Business District, but needed Protection. Intentionally, both Organizations failed, that left many Ark-Civilians mourning their love ones, but also, Regional Improvements, (Supply Vendors), and Mods became a dried fantasy at the hands of these two Organizations, that every Market Block across the Ark felt, so Arkfall's Npc Association/People Of The Ark/Ark-Civilians assumed command, and rightly so. However, not every Clan Organization dishonored their own Agreement, but 99.9% of them, indeed."

    " Py'Numbra and Clan Organization, (arriving for many reasons that surrounds Project Ascension, not The Ark Hunter Association's point of viewing World Ark's Imagination), opened the doors to World Resources, Currency, Strengthening Trade Routes (Supply Vendors), Market Values, Market Balance, Gear Production, Regional Improvements, Gear Ascesions (which surpasses Supreme Theaters), Public and Private Trade Routes, Rank Level Two Rigs and Chip Market Blocks (For Arkfall Npc Association Graduates), Shipping Lanes Construction (headed by World Records Construction in progress), Regional Patrols, Max Shop Industries Rank Level Two Markets/Defiance Store Universal (That inventory every Gear Production across the board, that was ever created and then a massive some/then some), Awards and Rewards Uniques (that the Ark Hunter Association's decisions has yet to tap into as always), and flexing so forth, honoring nevertheless, sent many Corporate Operatives representing Faction Organization reorganizing for World Ark's new Era, that Milestone the 4th Ark Generation, and since, is ascending into the 5th World Ark Generation."

    "Now to why we have gathered at the Ark Grand Hall."

    " With a World Ark Majestic Year riddle with Super Nova astounding Emperor Achievements, Respectfully, (The Launch of the 4th Project Ascension, World Ark's New Era, The Arrival Of Py'Numbra and Clan Organization, and Grand Hall Masters Assembling Far And Near),(along Supreme Gold Edition's Beyond The Light-Years), the 5th World Ark Generation, (The 4th Generation Embraces it's Continuious Momentum, Lighting A Path For World Ark's 5th Generation Landing On The Ark, The Second Understanding On The Ark Awakens, The End Of The First undeerstanding Created by The Ark Hunter Association, and It's Clan Organizations, The Rise Of Muir, and World Ark TNA Impact Domination/TAGH), alphabeticially renewing on the move, with Regional Alliance Captial of Leading, since The Ark Hunter Association lost the reasons, after it's Organization's establishing..."

    "As of now Officially, (on the Ark), the Era of the Ark Hunter Association DEMANDING the Ark Grand Hall to hold it's hand, that Era has passed. There exist Resources on the Ark to fix what the Ark Hunter Association has intentionally destroyed, so let's say a Market Exchange is needed for an example, build it yourselves, being that you've destroyed it. Stand in your Square, or purchase a Plane Ticket back to your Realities, since you'll be doing World Ark a favor."

    " World Ark's New Era will be more fore-coming in Dialogue and Action, (Regarding a World Ark Pursuit Born In Muir), but under the Second Understanding in World Of Defiance, lead by Game World's Imagination, not Reality's Imagination that's not aware when to take a seat, and fall in line, as Arkfall's Npc Association put it, before the Beacon of The 4th Project Ascension was lit."

    "Welcome To The New Frontier. Thank You All For Attending. I'll be Landing On The Ark In A Few Hours..."
    i here you blaba .next time you glimse a solar flare dont park your rear .stand firmly holding your mass tube blaster and squench that hot into the firmament. It might help with the vast distance needed to travel back

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    Taking the Shortcut to World Of Defiance's Imagination/ The Second Understanding within World Of Defiance, wherein, shortcuts to one's Understanding, or to Understanding Autopasses isn't even a Game World Theory.., what will mentality faucets kneel before? Understanding, or Misunderstanding? If Symbolics decision the such an Exclusive, should World Ark be pointlessly involve as one's hostage?

    (Respectfully, if you're experiencing self trouble Following, (on the Ark), News Of A Planet Ark Pursuit beginning, step aside, and leave Dialogue/Events to World Ark Travelers up in their Ark-Years, if it's not your faucet's time yet, or pause, then reflect. You'll be doing World Ark a favor.

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    So what is this thread about again? Some multi-universe or some planet/spa....what is this thread about?
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    If Questions of World Ark Teachers contendership for answer's distributions, how do visionaries shine bright like a diamond?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kedarthebest View Post
    So what is this thread about again? Some multi-universe or some planet/spa....what is this thread about?

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    It hurts to read it

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    Greetings. We're aware of Reality's Imaginations tradition of mental, and physical subsitutions, (which embarrassment has been tribulated for the past 6 months, maybe more floors), weddings that have been slacking a Game World point, and no longer specified the Spade Of Joker..., as to why dead weight's still bench peddling?

    But Graffiti Regenerations does substain a question of who's mentally quitting....,the Ark-Professor, or the Reality Student and Pens?

    (Moving on)

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