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Thread: Olive Branch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Dbag View Post
    The reason I suggest a slight reduction in mass blaster damage in pvp is that they were buffed a while back. In my opinion, a little too much in pvp. Pve they are fine, but pvp they are very strong. I am not saying this because I get killed by them all the time. I do. I also use mass blasters. I would love to see and increase in other gun types. Carbines for example. I like them a lot. But they are just not viable in pvp at the moment. Yes, they got a slight damage increase a while back, but not enough to compete. I think it would be easier to slightly reduce mass blaster damage in pvp than to ask for damage increases in other gun types.
    carbines got a buff . they are viable in pvp

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    yea im aware huge buff mass blaster got im just saying id like to see other guns get buffs to fix and balance issue id image better then nerfing guns some are vastly invested in with scrip and time. oh yea and make br's better pve and on par with mass blasters pvp. assault carb was small buffed maybe lil more could be good pvp. i love hipfire guns br's mb's ac's and such

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    Probably reversing PvP changes i.e. Health(longer time it takes to kill) as well as shooting while jumping.

    And there's also the Exchange that we all loved, maybe they could stop the exploitation and bring it back.

    Of course there's events and all the stuff that come with it, bring them all back.

    In my opinion, nothing ruined the game but the people asking for nerfs and changes.
    Quote Originally Posted by Decoy303 View Post
    We also want honesty and transparency. Don't say one thing and then do another. And silence is worst of all. Don't say our voices matter and just completely ignore us.
    Quote Originally Posted by defiancegame View Post
    How hard will it be to bring the HUNT back? Remove nerfs and let us enjoy it before it's gone!
    ``Some people can't leave things be, they have to ruin it for everyone else!``

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    Any other thoughts on this? At this point almost anything would be welcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Dbag View Post
    Any other thoughts on this? At this point almost anything would be welcome.
    Right now I just reeeeally wish Nuclear Winter could be switched on with the boosts for a couple weeks or something

    Other than that, I'm basically just trying as hard as I can to stay patient and wait for the February livestream with the hope that it brings some sort of announcement or excitement. I sure hope it comes at the beginning of February though... been getting harder to stay patient...

    I'm also more than ready for the next ex inanis synergy rotation. That or an event (or both?? ) would be enough to hold me over until the livestream at least
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    I do not think any of the current content, and the WOW LOOK ATE THE 100000th NEW synergy, is going to cut it the lack of respect TRION has for it's player base has become very apparent. After all {{we the player base}}are not vital to how or why TRION makes money. At least that is the impression we are given and perception is reality if no one else is to say any thing to the contrary. It does not take a genius to scan past a few forums in the defiance section to see what is important to the player base. 1 New content NOT an new synergy. 2 Fixing in game issues,having a better response time to tec support, Last time I put in a ticket took 3 days for a response, just my little dig there . 3 You should be able to trade anything in the game if it is in your inventory a person should be able to trade it. I touched on 3 that I believe need attention. I know there are A LOT more !!!!! but it would be refreshing to see something. in fact I know i could write a 10 page {needs this } but will spare us all the pain of this.

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