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    A legitamite question with next gen coming

    Please any dev or a person associated with trion answer this will our accounts transfer over to next gen or will we have to start over from zero. Alot speculating on xbox about it atleast.

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    There's no guarantee that it will go next gen. So until we get an official response...
    Quote Originally Posted by Destromathe View Post
    This demo was setup with the community in mind, as a way to spread the word through press and get the best feedback possible from a wide audience.This Tech Demo was the team looking to see if it would even be possible to move Defiance over to the newer generation of consoles. Moving to the current generation of consoles is no easy task, and this was not an attempt at any kind of backwards compatibility. What we showed was 100% a graphical port. In order to make sure that it could be done, we had to assemble a team to work on a demo to prove it. Now that we have the proof, we have to discuss the next steps, and what the future looks like for Defiance.

    This should not be taken as an announcement, since we are not yet ready to make one. What this does represent, is the next step in the evolution of Defiance.

    However, we are dedicated to the idea of both platforms being included if we move forward.
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    No way would I start over on next-gen if my toons and purchases wouldn't transfer over. I just bought the hoverbike a couple weeks ago. I NEVER thought I'd spend 30 bux on a freakin' CAR in a game. Whats crazier is that I'm glad I did because of the sweet, sweet boost regen. However, I wouldn't do it again on another console. Trion needs to put some of that Trove money into Defiance's future.
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