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    Py Numbra - 10th January 2018

    Py'Numbra is selling the following 2 jackpots this week (again):

    Winter's Grasp


    Full list of Py'Numbra's jackpots.

    Thanks to ATTEE for the information.

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    That junk again. Just what were reduced to just recycling pys wares ... How about throw in a GA kindness or something
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    Maybe they recycled the guns because all the pg has been going to t5 melee stocks, tac scopes and vanguard rifles at IDR
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Stranger View Post
    That junk again. Just what were reduced to just recycling pys wares ... How about throw in a GA kindness or something
    that's 2 weeks in a row now smh. trion broke my heart when a GA AB was in py so now how about a GA SB and something else?

    heck bring back enervator and add an elec nano to it and change the synergy from stalker to shearing cascade
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    Wow! These two were paired together the first time Py had them.

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