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Thread: Is this the End

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    Is this the End

    Any one else having a problem with the Store today it's just showing a blank page nothing to be seen,rest of the menu is working just fine,or could it be something a little more sinister.

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    Nope, not the end. Ppl might take you more seriously if you're not trolling if you state what console you're on or if you're a pc player.
    I'm surprised no one replied despite the slew of views.
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    Very much a genuine question Tolak.I'm playing on a Xbox360 and the Store is still not showing on the Menu,looks like time to submit a ticket to Trion.

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    Hey ATTOMIX store and Iron Demon Ranch vendors are bugged for everyone. We play on same server. They dont work for anyone at the moment. We have messaged forum about this problem, and I'm sure devs will fix it.. They get their money from bit store so yeah it will be fixed fast, i'm sure of that m8
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    Thank you passe,very much appreciated mate.

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