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Thread: Cyber Question.

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    Cyber Question.

    Are bits the only way you can get a cyber-rig and is it worth it?

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    Non-jackpot rigs have a chance to drop in expos.
    Jackpot rigs can only be purchased using bits or with 500 loyalty points if you are Patron.

    As to whether it's worth it, the boosts they give makes them very desirable and are pretty much necessary for PvP and high end Expos, but trying to purchase one with bits means you have to gamble which can get expensive. The Cyber Rig bit boxes cost $3-$4 US dollars each. Trion does not disclose the odds of getting the current JP Rig, which means you have to throw money at boxes until you give up in anger and frustration or you win. Personally, I've stopped buying bits. I am sick and tired of gambling and getting nothing, but that's just me. Whether the cost is worth it would be up to you.

    Good luck. I hope you are able to get a nice rig.
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