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    Time Trials too Stressful & no fun

    Is there any way the devs could make the time trials different they are so stressful.

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    No one is forcing you to do them. You don't need pursuits to hit 6k.

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    The lag it what makes them tough. Things like the rings and even emergencies just pop up out of no where sometimes right when you are on it.

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    Try them when there isn't so much lag. Also an Xbox controller makes them alot easier
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    I have seven toons on 2 consoles. 4 on ps3 and 3 on xbox. All have completed time trials for the black car.
    Some tips that are useful:
    Make sure that your runners are at skill 20. Many players ditch runners as soon as they get a car. Skill 20 makes it easier.
    Hopefully your clan is at rank 2. Vehicle speed is a little better.
    Be patient and learn the courses. If they are glitchy, spawning too many emergencies or just stressing you out, take a break from them and try later.
    Eventually you will get gold on all of them. The point of any game is to have fun, so it you are not having fun, do something else in the game that is fun and slowly work on the trials.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMPI View Post
    Is there any way the devs could make the time trials different they are so stressful.
    take a couple xanax first and heed Johnny Gatt's advice, he offers some excellent tips;
    also, stay on the same race (so you become very familiar with course) until you get gold
    - good luck!
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    Dont boost constantly cause the slightest little nudge can send you flying. Best to boost when you got a very straight path. Let go of the accelerate when turning corners and you'll be able to make them a little easier. Sometimes holding the accelerate and brake will help with turning. Try to not play in a area that has a shadow war going on. Dont be afraid to do the race casually getting to know the track and all its turns and flat areas will help. Instead of having the goal be gold have the goal be to beat your time. Eventually you will get the gold. Be patient if the race is stressing you or making you angry then quit it and come back to it after killing a few enemies. Being calm will really help.

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    I agree, you will surprised how little you actually need to boost to get gold.

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    One piece of advice I can give you is to do the gold attempt on a fresh load in so hopefully lag will be at a minimum.
    I also like to turn the gammer down so that the rings show up better.

    Good luck.

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