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    One piece of advice I can give you is to do the gold attempt on a fresh load in so hopefully lag will be at a minimum.
    I also like to turn the gammer down so that the rings show up better.

    Good luck.

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    Few other points, don't give up on a run because you feel you messed up, carrying on will let you learn the course more, and with the pressure off you'll likely find spots where you can go faster and may even still get the gold, you'll be surprised just how much room for error there is in gold

    Look for the pillars of light beyond the next ring so you know what angle to pass through ring at

    Others have said boost through straight bits but you'll find there are a lot of not straight bits you can boost straight through, use failed runs to find which bits

    If you drive past a ring or know for sure you'll miss it bail off that runner and spawn a new one, extra tip, credit for the ring is given when you pass through it not your vehicle so if you bail after a ring stand in front of it to spawn your vehicle, also just in case equip blur and a movement speed gun just in case you have a disaster close to the finish line, this is a problem on the one that goes through Marin and over the bridges etc where you need to jump down to road just before finish line, I ran over finish line for gold on at least 2 occasions over my 3 toons I've done them on

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