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    Fix detonator's aim pls.

    Please fix detonators. Yes i understand that higher velocity changes how the gun shoots, BUT some detonators shoot so much off the crosshair that you have to aim ground, to shoot forward. AND for example no matter what velocity your Mass Lobber has, they shoot too much to right. With them you have to aim empty air right on right of enemy to hit the enemy. If you aim your crosshair directly to enemy, not a single round hits it. Same goes to all high velocity grenade launchers and big boomers. And purgatories shoot a bit too much low. You have to aim sky to shoot forward.. My point is that detonators have way too un-consistent aims, and none of them shoots normally. Please fix their aims. you do NOT have to break the velocity and guns all people have. Just make them shoot straight, and not to all other directions, but straight. If you dont believe me, you can take any high velocity grenade launcher or mass lober and test it.
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    You just have to find the amount of velocity you like. Then try and get the same on all your dets. Through mods, rolls and masteries. Awkward yeah but different people like different amounts of velocity
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    that is the way mass lobbers are made to shoot. and they have said it wont get a fix . they said to aim a little more to the left. they said this in a live stream.

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