I wanted to share this with everyone who uses steam on PC. This guy sent me a pm (1/21/18) with a link that appeared to be a image file (.jpg). I was very suspicious at this point. After clicking the link it prompted me to download a .scr file (basically a executable). Just for the fun of it I saved it and dragged it in windows notepad and pasted some of the code back to him with a nice friendly message. I know someone will ask so why did you download it if you know it was probably a virus, well I did not open it, if I don't open it I am safe the code never gets a chance to execute. Malwarebytes scan did not find anything. A steam friend of mine does cyber security at a large banking company for a living I sent him the file and he confirmed it's a virus.

moreal of the stroy don't open a .scr file, good chance its not a screen saver file, but instead a virus

It has already been reported to valve.