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    Having issues in incursions now

    Time: 7:30-ish p.m. PST.

    Game Details: Mutant Swarm at Serenity Academy (Incursion)

    Character Details: Fated Archaic - Ego 6k - Ego Power: Blur - Weapons used: Precise Bombardier Cleansing Napalm Synergy + Berserk Mass Cannon Parasitic Synergy

    Expected Outcome: Expected to get a score from all the killing of mutants

    Observed Outcome: No score, had to relog

    Repro Steps: ?

    Image/Video: No Vid or Image

    Had issues at Diablo Incursion twice before this where guns would not reload with 2 different alts, put in a ticket where they told me to come here and do this, so here I am and there you go.

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    this is also happening on ps3 na

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