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    Beating a Dead horse but ehh

    Still waiting for that promised compensation on Xbox.......................

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodbath82 View Post
    Still waiting for that promised compensation on Xbox.......................
    You beat that horse bro.... need a sock for it? Lol
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    Yup almost 3 months since we were promised it still haven't received anything guess it's another broken promise from the devs

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    Yep I've heard that the idr vendors return was our compensation but they are present on all platforms. This is sad I pay for patron and this is what I'm paying for.........


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    Me too, and I hope this issue won't be ignored, spend hard earned cash and get shafted isn't right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bentu View Post
    Looking for gif, closing stable door after horse has bolted.
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    Horse down!!!!!!!!!! I need assistance. Is anyone a vet. I'm certain this horse can be saved..........

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    you know full well theirs no horse left to beat, just red mush scattered about

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