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    PvP is touch and go. Sometimes I have to reset right after and other times I don't. Then there are times where I have reset, get into sw and I'm lagged immediately. Nothing like getting to a capture point with what seems like no one around then you have everyone in Delaware or Utah rendering all around you with no escape or chance of survival in sight. Other times you see one person and then you're attacking them but a mod of enemies comes into phase and your destroyed. Then my favorite is what I find most annoying. Sword users, using blur, attacking you from behind and never showing up on radar. Same with grl users. They never show up on radar. Even from attacks you survive or get away from so you're stuck looking for someone you still cannot find. And the lag spikes. Gotta love those. You whether die quick, are running super fast or slow, or you take no damage or way to much.

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    might as well put some here

    Explosions 101 - Double hulker cut scene

    Soleptor Excavation - Lagfest

    Commandeer Cronkhite - If you went in from a fresh log in or reset, no worries. Enter when lets say... after doing an incursion or siege or whatever, you'll get disconnected. Or if you get lucky you can get in but at the teleporter, you'll be stuck in the loading screen and have no choice but to reset

    Bolinas/Chinatown Siege - DC fest

    Expeditions - Missing crystals or NPCs that causes the loot box not to show up and of course the good old auto extract. Also, using an electric nano purgatory or mass cannon can cause auto extracts (i've been there, using an elec mass and it clustered in front of me losing my rounds)

    PVP: Monterey map - I can't get in at all but i'm done with PvP so i don't need to enter that map ever again

    Social glitch - Glad i can fix it myself but if i'm inside a coop or expo i'm doomed but still this needs a top priority

    Port Bruno - If i see an incursion or a major that i need for the weekly contracts, going there is a pain. Takes a while for hud to work and once hud is back, the incursion or major is already gone

    Coit Tower, Muir & Crater - No need to explain

    Scrapping chips/keystones - I got a technique how not to hard freeze but since i haven't hard froze in a while doing it i did it the old way and i froze hours ago.. not cool

    Hard freezing on smaller toons - It's an old problem where when you go to your cyber rig menu it freezes instantly. Support has no solution to this except they will tell you to delete game data and redownload which is a waste of time

    War Below pursuits - The old dreadful mutant gear chest. I'm still stuck at 4/50 smh. When is this getting fixed?

    Getting disconnected from coops - What happened to the old fix that can let you go back to your coop group if either DC or hard freeze. The 5 minute thingy? If i see one getting DC'd from a coop, a new player gets in asap and no more 5 minute timeframe for someone to get back in

    RNG - no explanation needed but today and yesterday i bought several armistice boxes and elite lockboxes and all are crap. Prolly 18-20 boxes and nothing good to show. IDK why am i still playing this game even though i quit around 3rd week of Nuclear Winter last year and came back the last day of that CN syn event
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lamar Kendrick View Post

    War Below pursuits - The old dreadful mutant gear chest. I'm still stuck at 4/50 smh. When is this getting fixed?

    Sadly only count in bunker

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    So this is why its a ghost town these days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lamar Kendrick View Post
    might as well put some here

    Explosions 101 - Double hulker cut scene
    thats not lag, thats the other players being pulled through the door from across the map triggering the cutscene again, make everyone stand next to the doorway to the hulker room before you trigger the cutsecene, or just watch the cutscene twice and move on with your day.
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    What's on my wishlist...

    I wish I could play on the North American server like I did from 2013 to September 2017.

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