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    Perfected weapon skins and renaming

    I thought it might be cool if we could use a bit of arkforge (Or maybe arksalvage since it's useless) to change the skin on perfected weapons and rename them to kinda make their own "jackpot". My thought is that a list would open up and let you pick from available skins ingame. Or possibly allowing players to make their own skins to further personalize their perfected weapons. All name changes and skins created can be submitted for review and approval by a moderator of course as I am well aware that most people aren't responsible enough to allowed creativity unsupervised lol
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    I like the idea of this..hell even random skins when dropped would be cool.my m.disruptor used to be gold then they changed it to a more black n blue camo.its cool but its not gooooooooooooooooooold
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