Google the term "looter shooter" and you'll get a decent list. I know not all of these are on PS3 but here are ones that come to mind:

1) Borderlands franchise. I feel the game series improves with each iteration. Pre-sequel was particularly fun with the lasers. I can't wait for 3. Pick up any of the GOTY editions for all the DLCs that are usually silly fun.
2) The Division. Had quite a few old clan members switch to this game after the original Defiance glory days were past it. Never played it myself. It went back and forth as the development team (to my knowledge) had never done something of this scale before. So it was pretty ugly it's first year. Got terrible steam reviews. My buddy who plays it says the sequel is looking good.
3) Warframe. Tried it and lost interest after the tutorial. But I hear nothing but good things.
4) Destiny 2 - I liked the base game well enough, but the way end game is content gated forces you to buy the expansion packs to stay updated on gear and power. All the while the game gets torn into by the community on the forums. Never played the first game, but from what veterans have said is it seems like the first all over again in terms of broken promises / or falling short on goals. Which is a shame because I like the Halo series while Bungie worked on it. I wanted to like this.