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Thread: T5d preme ud

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    T5d preme ud

    Looking to sell my preme t5d ud ..t5s are hcm.power bore.assault scope and err...looking to trade for preme aug berz br and 25 mil or will sale for 60 mil ...

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    not trying to be mean but the last couple sup t5 ud sold in zone on xbox n/a for 60-65mil, just saying. you might be priced to high, lot of the jps dropped in price the last couple weeks

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    Thanks fist ...i pc in vone and was told 80 to 100 mil bbut ive been gone a while so a little behind on prices lol..but ty i will adjust price of gun ...

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    Thats a good price. I remember when I bought mine for t5d for 100mil.

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    Ud is gone ty for ur messages everyone

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