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    WTS or TRADE Transcendent Celestial Wrath

    Platform-Xbox 360 GT:Mikey Zombiee
    Character Name-Xombiee

    I am Selling or Trading my Transcendent Celestial Wrath. 200 Mill scrip or trades. I like Mass Cannons, Blast Rifles, Or a GA Nuke, or a MAYHEM BARRIER, or 2 Rigs (No sentinels or mercenary rigs bro...) Or other crap Just show me. Shoot me a message and you can show me stuff. I paid 330mil+my 4 Supreme damage intensifiers for this thing 6 months ago but I really need the money to get more stuff for PvP.

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    Theres a section dedicated to trading. Try posting this there on the appropriate server. Heres a link
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    Sorry man I did not know. Wont happen again.

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