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    still no word on a live stream

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moskyrath View Post
    I'll get hype when you guys do something worth getting hyped. So far ive only seen more and more frustration and its getting worse especially with ex inanis being out
    Exactly this. And from their last thread I can see what the live stream is all about. More of Ex Inanis!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Decoy303 View Post
    We also want honesty and transparency. Don't say one thing and then do another. And silence is worst of all. Don't say our voices matter and just completely ignore us.
    Quote Originally Posted by defiancegame View Post
    How hard will it be to bring the HUNT back? Remove nerfs and let us enjoy it before it's gone!
    ``Some people can't leave things be, they have to ruin it for everyone else!``

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