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    LF Perfected Cleansing Napalm Blast Rifle

    Hey there

    I'm looking for a CN BR (preferably Berserk) with rad nano.
    Message me if you wanna trade.


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    It always helps if you tell people your server and platform that you play on , not to mention posting your thread in the correct section of the forum .
    Cn blast rifles are a high commodity items at the moment , I got a t6 saprophyte , t6 pandemic and a t5 life insurance policy shield for my t6 br people are even offering until deaths for them and getting turned away

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    Sorry my bad.
    EU serv.

    And damn i didn't know it was so rare, i have one myself, but it's dynamic, still oj but i fear i won't get much luck with the rolls.
    I'm willing to trade my t6 ID BR with near perfect rolls.

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