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    Quote Originally Posted by defiancegame View Post
    Where did you get that statement from?? *They made a certain score that players have to reach in order to obtain rewards, so there wasn't much ''AFK toons''. Plus if that was the case(even though it wasn't) then why didn't they remove arkforge from coops, i mean it's exactly the same and even worse since people won't let you join because they're playing with 4 toons!! So what you said was invalid due to these two things i mentioned above.

    The real reason as to why they removed them was because a few people complained about not having breaks between events as well as not getting shiny JackPots. And here we go, we got nothing now.
    on pc all you had to do is show up so you would see 20 peoples names with 001 002 003 and so on.
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    All you had to do was get one shot on any enemy and you would get a reward. I have heard of some people having 20+ alts at each major. It can't of been doing the servers much good, that being said. I still think the majors should at least drop mods
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    No doubt there were plenty of alts showing up at events on pc during the "good times". A lot of pc players, especially vets had/have alts. There are so many other ways to combat the alt thing if that was the problem. They could have used shot timers, etc. without having to totally remove drops and create ex inanis. Seems to me that they slipped the game into a low funded maintenance mode last June.

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    In my opinion, there are a few reasons that event drops were changed.

    1. afk players on alts, this was mainly a pc thing, the same reason that echelon rewards were changed

    2. server load - cutting down the amount of players at one spot reduced player load

    3. Adding Ex Inanis opened up more of the game. Before, if you wanted new gear, you had to do events. A lot of grinding that basically nullified the rest of the game. By adding pg rewards to almost all aspects of the game, it allows players to play the game and earn new gear from playing the game, not just showing up and shooting one enemy at a major.

    4. Arkfall drops were not "removed because a few player complained about it". I agree with Kon, that this was the direction the game was headed. It also freed up the team to work on the "new exciting stuff" that has yet to be seen. The idea was to give them time to work, and open the game up to more avenues of earning new gear. Originally they had stated that they would turn events on more frequently, and change synergies out, but they have slacked on that as of late.
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    It's a sad situation as I enjoyed the drops, exl was very nice even though my rng was terrible there to by the numbers. I enjoy spending in games but the rng is so bad I see no reason to spend a a dime anymore. If spending money actually improved rng then I would be fine with supporting the game. At this time there is only one thing outside of the patron I will spend money on from time to time. If they want income from people who do not mind spending they really need to make some changes. Thankfully I enjoy just shooting everything and testing at the same time so the changes have not diminished that area of enjoyment. My only wish is that drops were not the same over and over at IDR, expos etc.
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    Hey all, the event arkfall drops were removed so that Ex Inanis would be more accessible to everyone in game. Players have more options to play anything and get rewards instead of only farming one type of content.
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    Here is me thinking it was to reduce server load
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackers View Post
    I'm pretty late with this question, but I just wanted to know why they were removed? And yeah, I know about the Ex-Inanis update and the whole concept, but why couldn't that just be an addition to the game instead of completely removing the monthly themed arkfall drops? All that needed to happen was just have the 3 rotational synergies for Ex-Inanis and still have the monthly arkfall things drop mods/weapons for the event.

    Example: this month with Colony Courtship could have dropped Flames of Passion synergy mods/weapons AND drop PG like normal. Grinding would feel even more rewarding with this since if you get crap drops from an event, you can still feel a bit of progress with the PG drops.

    Now, the monthly events are basically useless besides giving the fights a different feel and having better/worse score grinding depending on the monsters. I miss the excitement from being able to actually find my weapons and mod them up from monster drops. Now it's just basically grind up points for synergies you most likely aren't even completely interested in or just save it up for years until they finally rotate to a synergy you like or wanted to complete.

    It feels pretty dull the way it is right now, I just don't see why the Ex-Inanis update couldn't have been an addition instead of a complete overhaul of how things worked previously.
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    I get more of what I want. Trion can always restore drops for Extra-Special events, making them more special. Useless drops were a pain to carry to the vendor with crowded inventory. --GadeJ

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    Hmm, so again

    So again, why couldn't it have just been an addition to the game? I understand the AFK toon problem causing more lag, but all they needed to do was remove the rewards you get at the end of the arkfall. This way there would still be the event synergy weapons/mods that drop on the ground for those who are actually fighting things, and then the score you rack up would still give you PG for the work you put in. There would be no AFK room problem if you still had to fight the monsters manually in order to get rewarded (with drops AND score for PG). Idk, I'm pretty sure they just did this so that they'd have an easier cookie cutter way of updating the game by just changing the 3 synergies every couple of months and calling it an update. Some people liked the old way, some people like the new way, so why not just have both?

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