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    Great ideas here regarding PVP modes and suggestions. I'm a big Capture the Flag fan myself and a Kill Confirm mode would be neat also. I'm gathering up feedback and interests from players, thanks for posting.
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    they still havent fix the dead body holding points bug. how can you cap a flag if the dead body is still holding it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by defiancegame View Post
    It just needs to be brought back to the way it was. Adding more maps would be fine too.
    The number one #1 thing I would like to see is more team deathmatch options.
    Right now we have Observatory and Waterfront for team deathmatch... literally everything else is capture and hold, shadow war is just cap and hold in the overworld map...

    We need more team deathmatch maps or at least team deathmatch in the overworld similar to shadow war but inside of a smaller boundary. Should be an easy fix to anyone going outside the boundary same as it is in a duel, if you stay outside the boundary longer than 5 seconds then you die.

    just a thought

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    what is all those modes about? kill confirmed, hardpoint, etc..

    only CTF of all ideas sounds familiar
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    Quote Originally Posted by DSW View Post
    what is all those modes about? kill confirmed, hardpoint, etc..

    only CTF of all ideas sounds familiar
    Kill confirmed is a mode where once you kill someone they drop a tag (usually) and in order to win your team must pick up a certain number.

    Hardpoint is more objective based. to make it easy its a single flag that moves. Your team must cap it and protect it vis versa if your team didnt cap it first

    once capped the teams cannot respawn until the defend period is done.
    Not easy. Just simple.

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    a Last Man Standing like in counter-strike , exemple Round Start 12 vs 12 , Team with survivor at end win while dead people are on spectators mode / free roam . or a bomb and defuse , when round restart u have x amount of $ to buy ur guns & bullet & shield

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