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    i wonder how many threads have been started about op stuff when they dont own the item?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Logain View Post
    Final take home point:

    The only people wanting change are those that do not understand that when TheMAN nerfs stuff in San Francisco it overcorrects and nerfs things to dust. You are asking to take someone's Ferrari and turning it into a Pinto. There is never any subtle fine tuning...
    alright I’ll give you that.

    I misread it :l

    I’ll be waiting for the numbers

    But the single target thing is a big deal in pvp. One on one engagements usually aren’t the case but when they do happen... well you get the point

    I’m sure they could only do a nerf in pvp.

    Or maybe they could change the 4th ability to on the first bullet(idk)

    Making it so you need good aim to actually trigger instead of spraying n getting a damage buff etc

    They could add a delay on the proc time without taking away from pve

    Imma keep fighting for this no matter what. This rig is beyond the normal broke we love to call things
    Not easy. Just simple.

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    can someone confirm this about the electric rig. so a player with a electric rig procs the 4th perk . the shocked player also takes extra damage from players without the electric rig.
    link to the other electric rig nerf thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by richardkrainium View Post
    notice how none of the people that asked for crit a ton valley to be harder still play. gotta love that one...oh nooooo now its too hard, im outta here. guess they should have thought that out a little better when they tried to get pursuits done on lower ego chrs.. lol
    Yeah but none of these guys were here for that.

    Quote Originally Posted by ratpie View Post
    i wonder how many threads have been started about op stuff when they dont own the item?
    I got a good laugh at this. Thanks ratpie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by migoscandy View Post
    i own most rigs but this one cancerous pvp rig. No one will trade them because there so op in pvp. Nothing can balance them out mainly because of the dmg they can put out and the way they make it to where you can never aim while facing them. as someone who has spent thousands to support the game this pisses me off. why balance pvp just to put out a rig that makes it unbalanced again.
    A nano rig with mut ampifer keeps up with ele rig

    If I get a hold of ele rig I'll tell you hm the 4th perk adds dmg wise

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    Spend money knowing you own nothing. Trion will change everything anytime they want too. If you aquire a hard to get item and its op, and you flaunt it, expect the have nots to complain and get it nerfed. So enjoy it while you can and buyer beware. Simply as that.

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    Electro is fine how it is, and there's more powerful rigs out there. If electro gets nerfed then people will cry omni needs nerf next, then merciless, then corrosion. My point is there will always be op. It's not that much better than other rigs. Now Mass Blasters on the other hand need a PvP nerf considering how extremely dominant to all other types they are.

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    Yet another thread about an item being "too op"..... oi

    Here's a novel idea... adapt or stop playing pvp....
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    Electro is fine, MBs make it OP
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    My only problem with the electric rig is it makes all electric nano weapons pretty much pointless, as you can just have a rig that does the effect with other weapons. It had been said before the electric nano needed a buff and this is kind of indirect, and leaves normal electric nano weapons even more useless, when infact they've needed more love. I've seen practically no one but newcomers using electric nano weapons after this rig was released

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