Hello guys my name is Ahmad I live in Germany and I'm 22 years old . I started a Twitch channel to stream

Defiance and other games because I really like recording stuff and just streaming in general ..

So the channel is still new less than month old I do have some decent number of followers they are 20 atm and still growing " thank god " and the stream is still missing lots of stuff but I try to do my best for you guys

helping in game giving some word of advice some tips on how to get higher ego faster and giving FREE STUFF !! occasionally

or maybe if you just want to see high EGO gameplay or expedition runs you can visit me on my twitch channel everything you need to know is written there and I do have a youtube channel the link for it is in my twitch this is the name

" www.Twitch.Tv/content101 "

and Thank you for reading my Thread ..