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    Suggestion~~for pvp

    I feel theres a pvp mode that we lack in this game.I trully feel adding a pvp mode with only one objective would be a interesting and satisfying experience.I believe it would lead to more aggressive and intense pvp experience.I dont often voice my thoughts on these forums,but fy and the current pvp modes we have are dull and worn out.from past experiences in games such as DUST514 and in other games..that this mode of pvp is a very fun and highly addicting type of match..theres nothing more satisfying then grabbing A and just fighting for control of a single objective.I miss this type of move as im sure most of you do as well.its something very important I feel this game lacks..if you agree pls voice your oppinions and thoughts on this suggestion.all will be held in high regard.ty .o7
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    In order for that to come true, they'd have to introduce respawn timers (makes no sense that there are no respawn timers in PvP) and reduce the slowing power of Bio, else the Sludge and Corruptor would dominate the gamemode.

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