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    Looking for more people to play Defiance with.

    I am a streamer on mixer and Twitch (not affiliated or partner by either) and I wanna bring this game back from the dead, anyone wanna start playing and hyping this game up more.

    I would honestly love to see this game hit the new gen consoles.

    Of the MMOs that are out there, this is the only one I have ever spent money on and I would do it more but I don't want it to. I'm not looking for followers, more friends and maybe even start a hype in the streaming channels to spread the word of the game.

    It would be awesome to see the days when this game was saturated with happy gamers that had fun. In my streams, I've gotten people that wanted to go back and play but they played on the old consoles and felt the same way about them coming to the new gen.

    Anyway, would love to get a group to ether co-stream with or just play together in general. (18+ only)


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    I careless about the stream and if you r really looking to play defiance just hmu in game.


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