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    Quote Originally Posted by TrionMobi View Post
    You can continue to play original Defiance and even earn exclusive rewards through the Valor Program if/when you decide to play Defiance 2050. Defiance 2050 brings some exciting new changes to itemization, classes, and progression in a tailored free to play game. We will be able to transfer account based upgrades and titles into Defiance 2050, where as weapons and outfits would not be permitted. Be sure to check out the Dev Update video for nice previews of what's to come and check our socials/forums for future announcements.
    Somebody may have already asked this but, what about those of us that were awarded the Trion Supporter outfits for our community service? Will you be giving us access to those special outfits in Defiance 2050?
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    Question One, too early to say. One objective of the beta is too stress the servers, until that data is in your question can not be answered. Question Two Nothing new will be added until after launch. Question Three See Question Two. Question Four Live streams have said very little about vehicles, so at this stage unknown. Question Five That is what they are shooting for, server stability is the big question. So once again will depend on data collected in Beta.

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