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    Hey IE...yeah, I tried going though Glyph...takes me back through the same loop. Says email is already being used and that is it.

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    I'm down for a new defiance, I just want 5 guns 2 shields 1 rig. and all the cosmetic and non tradeable stuff I paid for.

    and same as others said, tried to sign up for beta, and said already in use and clicked glyph link at bottom, and just loop around. I already went to trion worlds and signed in as normal and still no way to sign up, do we need to set up with a different email?

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    I am curious , was said that there will be cosmetic non damage based items for sale. Does that mean that there won't be a cash grab for power gear, instead cosmetic purchases only? Or is that what we will be able to do with our Valor points? Also you said you are changing how skill leveling and some other in game systems work. Does that mean the story-line, map, and everything else about the game will basically be exactly the same? If so that's kinda weak in my opinion. I can see myself playing through Defiance part 2 whole new story-line and map, but trying to rebuild from scratch in game i have already beaten to death for 4+ years doesn't sound like much fun.

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    The marketing description says massive coop battles...wonder if it will have a battle royal mode as that seems all the rage now (at least according to my 10 year-old).

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    I want the option for the original music in the new game. It's one of the reasons I stuck with this game.

    I want a lot of the original geography and locations to be playable if they add new areas to the world.

    I want there to be some compatibility of 'feel' and 'zone' along with new stuff.
    I want access to my trucks (multiple accounts).

    I want to be able to play as a 'person', and not as a kitted-out Power Ranger.
    Being a regular guy fighting to save my world was a lot of the allure of the game for me and many of my friends.
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    , but I play 26+ 'toons from E400 to E5500
    Just my opinion.
    I have lots of opinions.
    Some of them, on occasion, people have agreed with.
    I do not trust those people.

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    So ummm... where can we buy defiance \ trion merchandise ? I took a peek at both main websites... no t-shirts.... why is there no merch ? I m sure I am not the only one who would buy one... plus its free promotion.... just sayin.

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    I am I have 4 6k toons sups out my arse the game needs a restart alot of us agree hopefully they refund the bits so you can spend it on new game if so it be nice but really kicks players who paided to win I grinded have thousands of hours it's what must be done

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    I have 4 6000 ego account I disagree mainly as I have 2500 hours it needs a little bit fresh I want old stuff like what they called bugs using decoy to speed run through maps I call a feature

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    Modding on Xbox one is not possible meaning if they do not allow carry over it's a fresh start with no kidding all skill based

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    Ok, so can i get my 40 bucks back i just wasted only a few days before this announcement? I bought the DLC package that came with all 7 dlcs and a vehicle. So now what? "Hey, enjoy the stuff you bought for whole 5 months before we take it away from you"? Or is the DLC going to be a part of the next game and still something that needs to be purchased? This is super shady. You should have taken down anything that costs real money the second you knew 2050 was going to come out if players can't carry their stuff over and the DLC will be free to the cheapskate freeloading leeches who dont contribute to F2P games.

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