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    You need to let people carry their entire Glyph/Trion account over from any and all previous platforms to the new platform of their choice because I just read the FAQs, and I was right.

    You're screwing people who spent money in the last month or 2. Ill bet a million bucks the "valor" system's currency wont give you much unless you no lifed on this game for 5 years as it is. So, Trion is screwing us. Got it. How nice of you. So, I had this game on 360, but when the game started to become empty, I switched to PC and bought the DLC a week ago. So now what? This is such a despicable shady thing. As I said, you should have made the DLC free immediately when Trion knew 2050 was coming out. So, my options are
    1.) Be out 40plus dollars and continue on the PC version when 2050 releases and barely have any of this so called "valor" currency and only 3 character slots
    2.) I can carry over 360 account to my xbox one and get the old school title, and carry over my 5 character slots and get a little more valor because I bought more costumes and what not and other stuff with bits and did more things in the 360 version

    We should be able to have every thing we've done be account wide for valor and whatever carries over. I still spent the money and played when there was a sub on 360! Meaning, EVERYTHING ive done on every platform should carry over together to my next platform of choice

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    I want the map to be double in size with new areas to explore and new enemies. I want also armor rank not only weapons rank. I want laser guns or whatever. I want new co-op, new events with new maps and new enemies. I hate to start over from 0 level and play the same game again with better graphics. The whole new system of leveling up doesn't tempt me at all. I have no reason to start over again.

    P.S.: I am 6000 ego player. Do something for your old players.

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    Hello. I'm so stoked for Defiance 2050. I've been waiting forever for this to come to PS4. I also enjoy playing Trove. I was so excited to get a unique gun from Trove to play on Defiance. Will you all be doing this for Defiance 2050, as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrionMobi View Post
    Nothing will be the same, as we are working to reinvent game changing systems.

    Maybe I'm just nuts, but I don't see how you can say "nothing will be the same" when these two screens are of each game:

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    As a veteran in the game I will only say this and I will speak for myself sorry for others.
    I spent like $300 buying dlcs and some other stuff in defiance 1. I can live with the idea to start over again with ego 0 because I had done that every single time I got tired of the aspect of my second toon. I can live with the idea to loose everything I had in defiance 1. But I think that at least we most have more stable serves and better gameplay experience. I am pretty sure that other veterans will feel like compensated with just that. I am really sorry for some friends that spent thousands of real money to keep up with the new stuff in the old defiance and it is too bad for them to think that they have to forget about that and keep rolling but that is part of the marketing, you buy, you consumed and products don't last forever but at least give to your consumers a reason to stay in your marketing plans.

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    The thing i'll miss most about the old defiance is my pink van... love that thing. =P
    I can understand that as a business Trion want to make money, but putting out what is basically the same game with a what seems at the moment a few minor changes and expecting people who have already spent a lot of money to throw away years of time and money seems like bad marketing to me.
    Still have to admit i'll prob still play the game.
    I do hope that the world area will be increased and more missions, sides etc added.

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