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    No Transfer No Jack

    If you can transfer all the essential elements of the game you can transfer my toon and items too.

    Other MMOs' expand without hurting players like you intend to do.

    I will not play or pay in the new game if my 5yrs of work and progress is going to be flushed down the toilet.

    Just Sayin'
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    I am done as well these guys really are a joke.

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    Underwhelming announcement ! I agree.
    Quote Originally Posted by Decoy303 View Post
    We also want honesty and transparency. Don't say one thing and then do another. And silence is worst of all. Don't say our voices matter and just completely ignore us.
    Quote Originally Posted by defiancegame View Post
    How hard will it be to bring the HUNT back? Remove nerfs and let us enjoy it before it's gone!
    ``Some people can't leave things be, they have to ruin it for everyone else!``

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    not spending another red cent.

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    I agree...

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    That’s messed up

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    Did anyone honestly think they'd really do anything that would really benefit the current players.

    I know this has turned the consoles upside down but I'm waiting to see if pc loses its gear too.

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    Guess all the dlcs i bought, the bundles and vanity packs are just going to be erased too huh?....bummer

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    Defiance 2050

    Just messed up.

    Not transfering characters and what players have worked for over the years? Common guys ik that they are so humanity left in you. This might lead to players commiting acts that the community does not want. Some players have spent ALOT of money and this is the thanks to get after supporting the game pushing it to PS4.

    Defiance 2050 was built on the backs of supporting gamers only to get boned at the very end.

    Common guys don’t do this because you know to your heart it’s not right.

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