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    Quote Originally Posted by SHiftt87 View Post
    I really like this post a lot! It literally says everything I feel and think when I see people vendoring all there stuff or saying there gone and won't give 2050 a chance. I am a vet of this game. Been here since closed beta. I did take a HUGE break from the game untill recently thanks to the announced defiance 2050. I never really did spend a ton on the in-game store. Though I did by the collectors edition for console and the gold edition for pc. And I'm a patron sub. So I've put my fair share into the game. I get it. If I spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars to be told a new version is coming out that all that money won't count towards and I need to start fresh after so many hours... id be extremely upset to.

    Think of it this way though. They are changing major mechanics in the game character builds work. Shields And armor, weapons! Class system is being added. So let's say you transfer your character. You log in go do an arkfall or expodition after looking over some of the new stuff. You figure you got a handle on it. Only to get your butt handed to you over and over and go into a rage quit mode! All because you didn't start fresh and go through the NEW starting area which teaches you exactly how this new stuff works and you get to gradually get a handle on it and figure out what class if closest to what you like and what you were going for in olfiance. This makes more sense to me cause not only will you get to experience this game over again in a new light. But you won't be bored or frustrated with being at end game all over again with mechanics you don't really understand and no content to play cause you wanted your character transfer so bad.

    Just my opinion.
    Well said. Plus you aren't losing all your old gear from Def1, it's still there on ps3, at east until Def1 is killed. I'm looking forward to the new gear.

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    I hope they are using what they know, Defiance 1 as a starting point for 2050. I would love to see them dropping new content expanding the universe.


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    I spent thousands, so I see no point playing the new game unless my gear moved with me and was viable.

    Here's a question no one has seemed to ask yet. If everything can be earned in game, what will be tradeable? Will players be able to trade amongst each other? Will there be a armory bank or some form of exchange etc....I would definatly like to know how they addressed inventory management. Will the new version negate the need to create multiple characters? If no, will all characters be able to utilize the same inventory or will there be a reasonable way to move items to different characters? What is the limitations on inventory? Besides the lag, lack of new content and RnG, this was my biggest issue.

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