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    Howdy Arkhunters,

    It's a pleasure to meet you all - I’m excited to be your new Defiance Community Manager! I have a great deal of experience working with Trion’s games, and look forward to diving headfirst into Defiance and Defiance 2050.

    I love playing snipers and teaming up with people for missions, so I hope to run into you in game.

    If you’re thinking of running a cool Defiance event or contest, let me know so we can add awesome giveaways and social media support! If you like to make videos, streams, art and more you should also apply to our Trion Creator Program for monthly giveaways!

    I look forward to getting to know everyone and I’m really hyped for what’s ahead.

    Good luck and have fun!


    sorry mobi, but with the way the log in to win event was so poorly handled, its not inspiring any confidence in any other event rewards

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    Welcome aboard. Hope you have experience dealing with toxic players, because this site is going to get a lot of it when 2050 hits.

    I just hope that those of us who are on here now can behave themselves.
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    EGO: 5392
    Yes, I am a guy, that uses a female character. She has been around since Diablo(1996), and I have no intentions of retiring her, just because some of you men are scared you will get virtual cooties.

    Xbox One
    Gamertag:SouthSide Stev0
    Character: Alyssia Hawklight(power level 3000)
    Character2: Mariska(power level 27xx)
    Clan: ogs

    I am an admin on the defiance 2050 community club we are the #1 club for all your defiance needs on Xbox one.Come join us, we don't allow drama, or negativity towards our members.

    Reputation is everything.

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