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    RNG For the Win! It would be nice to help test the new game. I am in the same pool as everyone else, no preferences from past testing efforts. I expect the same chances even if I helped with in-house events on the original Defiance game (at the San Diego studio before it was closed).

    If I'm in, great. If not, I hope the beta bugs found help make the new game stable and *almost* bug free! -)


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    The beta testing will only be to stress test the servers but if people do decide to do some real bug hunting lol then I'm sure there'll be plenty to find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bentu View Post
    The beta testing will only be to stress test the servers but if people do decide to do some real bug hunting lol then I'm sure there'll be plenty to find.
    lol, and not just HELL bugs...
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    I suppose the only trade-off will be valor. Yes, there will be plenty of new Defiance players in beta. As I see it, being left out will give most current Defiance players a chance to grind out those pursuits. Those maxed out though...carry us? Lol, really though, I feel bad for those that were around for 3+ years. I would have loved to see a system where things like the "Old school" title automatically meant beta.

    Edit: Add "Guinea Pig" in there as well. Those players did a lot for Defiance.
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    Why there is no closed alpha?? Like 5 years ago.
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    RNG for the beta access. Lmao.

    Let's hope the emails with beta access codes find the inboxes of players better than the inboxes of those that won the super weapons packs.

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    Hey all, thanks for signing up for Beta and I let our team know so we can improve the confirmation after applying. We certainly look forward to veteran Defiance players getting to play during Beta and giving us their feedback. Also, Beta progress will be cleared before Defiance 2050 launches, similar to other Betas.
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    How do you guys (Trion) plan on verifying players signing up for beta have access to ps4/xbone? What’s to prevent players from signing up and selling codes in game to the highest bidder?

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    how many players are yall gonna allow to beta test? yall need at least 200 plus to stress test the servers.

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    Would love to get a shot at the beta. I lost my old email so I don't have my old account but I was around for the first games beta and launch

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