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What are your plans for the continuation of the current Defiance version after the Defiance 2050 release? Will players who have been banned on the current version of Defiance be able to play the upcoming Defiance 2050? Will Defiance 2050 be available on Steam? What are the minimum an optimal PC specs requirements for Defiance 2050? Aside from Valor points will there be other incentives for players who made previous purchases like DLC and various bitstore micro-transactions?
Hi Lithova, great questions! We plan to continue Defiance through Defiance 2050's release this summer and are still planning events in game (like Armistice coming up actually). Players that have been banned will remain banned based on their actions. People could still create a new account to play, but they couldn't use their account unlocks from the banned account to try to transfer over to Defiance 2050. We have all our games available on Steam, it's very likely Defiance 2050 will be there as well! Minimum specs are not finalized yet, we are still testing and will post when it is fully determined. For the most part, the Valor Commendations from Pursuits and purchases in Defiance you can use toward exclusive rewards for Defiance 2050.
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