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Thread: Many Issues

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    Many Issues


    1) loading, loading takes forever when trying to attempt to do a mission

    2) Loading loop, when loading a mission or side mission and it wont load, have to keep restarting game every 20 minutes

    3) Invisible players and obsticals in game

    4) No Arkforge, no matter what i do in game i cannot earn any arkforge, even watches youtube on tips on how to earn arkforge, but get nothing.

    Im on ps3. Any advice?

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    The first 3 things in your list are issues that have been around forever and aren't likely to get fixed. Ark Forge is awarded based on score (except for co-ops that awards a combo of fixed amount + score based) so you may not be hitting the threshold required to get any.

    I don't know if this is still accurate but here's a link to Defiance Data that lists the details:


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    Thankyou for your reply. Im new to the game

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    My advice; quit the game ASAP and do not waste your time with this broken mess. 2050 should be out soon.

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    Also if you play a lot you could have bit the ark forge cap of 500 a week

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