Modern shooters have prone, to prevent abusing face to face make slow process going up and down and make like what jumping does to br's and guns in pvp same as in motion of laying down or getting up, once down slight bump in less recoil better accuracy less bloom.

Gillie's, more camo, maybe even active / reflective camo and denser folliage would be very immersive. if done well cloak can be laid to rest.

If you truly wanna gives us control of gun building and customizable to us, needs to go further then stats.

Outfit and headgear, colors, patterns, gear attached customization would be cool.

Car physics, major overhaul.

Please flex your creative muscles and truly bring game to future and up to par and focus on immersion and the sense of charactors involement and influence in games community and interactions, please dont kill player to player interactions and trading markets and set a mark to set bar and abilities between players to even more then mentions and on grander scale.

ps. checks and balances any new clan stuff related to items or currencies.