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    Defiance Livestream 3/9 - Valor Program and Q&A

    Howdy Ark Hunters!

    Thanks for joining us last Friday for our livestream about the Defiance 2050 announce! This week we will be discussing community questions and the Valor Program. More details regarding the Valor Program are coming REAL soon, and check out our Defiance 2050 FAQ for answers to questions you may have. Any additional questions please feel free to ask, I am taking a look across all social channels (forums, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and trying to address your concerns.

    Defiance Livestream is Friday at 10:30am PT at https://www.twitch.tv/trionworlds

    See you Friday!
    Scott "Mobi" Jasper
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    Please see my most recent post on your 2050 faq post ty. ^ _ ^

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    will shadow wars be a feature in defiance 2050?

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    Will All the bugs in Defiance 1 be fixed in Defiance 2050?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stoodakiss View Post
    will shadow wars be a feature in defiance 2050?
    I guess it will :thinkin:

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    will the valor program only affect 1 chr or will it take all our chrs into consideration? some players have multiple 6k chrs with high, above 1800, pursuit ratings

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    Will the Trion Worlds Supporter costume be transferred? That's a special costume that's only obtainable by helping out Trion in PTS testing and it would make sense to have it transferred.

    Did you make PvP more balanced and interesting for 2050?
    Defiance is gone. Gamigo has been "not neglecting" the game for over a year, yet there's nothing new except for low effort arkfalls and bitshop items.
    I know it might be hard to quit a game you loved for years but you have to understand that it won't get better. Ever. If you like the game in it's current state, then sure, keep playing it. You're enjoying yourself after all. But if you aren't, don't hope for a better future for Defiance. Because it won't come.


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    Will there be a way to grind/earn Valor in the current defiance other than finishing any pursuits we haven't done yet?

    Personally, at this point I don't see a reason to continue to grind PG for new gear (so I haven't been playing much lately), but if there was a way to grind Valor that I could start saving up for 2050 I would definitely do that
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    How about giving those of us that work for a living and can't watch the livestream a way to win some of the Beta slots?

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    1.Will there be pvp in 2050?
    2.Can you transfer your account based upgrades across platforms? Example: from ps3 to pc for 2050, or from Xbox 360 to ps4
    3.Is there a plan for map expansion, new co ops, new expos, new pvp maps?
    4. I understand there will be less rng in 2050. Will guns still have unique rolls, synergies, nanos?
    Last but not least,
    5. Will our mute list carry over? Lots of people worked hard to earn those mutes. I'd hate to see what they'll have to do to earn another one.

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