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    I have tons of limited stuff that should be transferred over according to the forums but nothing has and I don’t know where to claim them

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShooterGamerESP View Post
    Official FAQ:

    Two days before release,


    What a message for veteran players, a big **** you, buy twice the same inventory slots in a reskin. Normal (not extremely greedy comapnies) reskin games without deleting invenotry slots, the most buyed upgrade in any F2P. This game its a loot shooter for gods shake.

    Buy the original game + Seasson Pass + 120 inventory slots + 1 loadout slot + skins + play and support the game during 4-5 years = 2000 valor (20 inventory slots)

    This exactly what I've been saying as well it's a huge FU to us veterans. They just make excuses to the reason why they couldn't do it but I've seen plenty of games go through much more complicated reskins and they never deleted my gear and progress. After all my time and money spent, doing the charities and donating all I get is a measly 1000 valor and pretty much everything gone except for a few titles 2 outfits(one missing its helmet) my raptor and a quad...... What happened to everything else? We deserve compensation. Remember WE made you, without us you'd have nothing Trion.

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    I still do not know where to see how much valor I have. Is it in store or in game or somewhere on the Trion site?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gulac View Post
    I still do not know where to see how much valor I have. Is it in store or in game or somewhere on the Trion site?
    Supposedly, it shows up in the store... and it's displayed right beneath your bits balance.

    I have a bit balance of 6250 (because of the Ultimate Founders Pack purchase)... but no Valor balance displays under that, in my instance.
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    Hello Mobi!! New to this foorum as of today so I'd appreciate it if you guys helped me out a bit!
    My first question is: Do the developers plan on bringing back the Jackpot Weapons System? And if they they did, would the new currency for the new JP syatem be Valor Points or Loyalty Points? Thx a million!!

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    so i can transfer my data from pc to ps4 or no?

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    Accidentally bought a Valor item

    So I havent played the 360 Defiance in years and I just got it on xbox one. While trying to refigure out the game I accidentally bought a valor item I didnt want but now I dont have valor points to buy the item I do want. Is there any way to reverse the transaction? Or am I SOL with an item I will never use? I already emailed support but they have a lot of tickets and it said it will take a while for them to respond.

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