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    yes what about inventory slots?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infinity Eagle View Post
    yes repo crew, honorable and guinea pig definitely need to be included.

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    Alright, so what if you have both a pc AND console character? will it just transfer stuff from the highest ego and pursuit rating of the two systems?
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    so basically the whole valor system is a waste of time. talk about another slap in the face. all the time we spent on multiple chrs and all we get credit for is from one chr. what a waste. why even bother

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    How does this affect beta characters? Does the transfer go from Defiance -> beta -> 2050 release or all the beta characters only stay in beta, then got destroyed after the game got released?

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    My Defiance for Xbox 360 is still linked to Glyph, so when and how can I link my Xbox One to Glyph?

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    how did you do it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Varaelian View Post
    My Defiance for Xbox 360 is still linked to Glyph, so when and how can I link my Xbox One to Glyph?
    You're gt is linked to glyph so it will carryover to your xbx1.

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    Being the sleepless guy that I am, please include Insomniac in the list of transferable titles as well.

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    I bought Defiance and the DLC way back when it first came out on xbox 360 and spent alot of money like others on inventory slots and other things. With the Valor I know we can transfer certain things, but are we limited to same platform family? Like xbox 360 to xbox one? I switched from xbox 360 to ps4 when ps4 came out because I wanted to be able to play Final Fantasy XIV and didn't yet have a PC to do it. So now I have a prety lengthy ps4 friends list of people who will at least be trying Defiance 2050 along with my wife who is actually looking forward to trying this since it is free and we have been really discouraged with the state of Destiny.

    Since I know longer have an xbox 360 and can't log into the game will that keep me from being able to get credit for pursuits accomplished for the Valor system?

    If not being able to log into Defiance on a 360 isn't an issue can my valor points be transferred from xbox 360 account to my PS4 account for Defiance 2050 or can I only go from Xbox 360 to Xbox One?

    I play on PC Defiance on PC as well, but since most of my friends are PS4(most importantly my wife) If the valor points are transferable croos platform I would like for my 360 account to be the one used since it is the one I spent money on. If this means I need to somehow log into Defiance on a 360 I will try to find one to borrow to do so.

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