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    Quote Originally Posted by cmpowell View Post
    Title "5 year beta tester" for those going back to year 1, lol
    I second that motion XD Would love that title lol. Be like the new "Old School" Title.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Akira Kimekawa View Post
    New players are not entitled to get what they missed last year... they shoulda played last year... ...Tough shtako, you lose sir! is what I say. Bring on the haters because I AM a Most Hated! XD

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    i want a title like dare devil or iron demon that can only be unlocked if ya pre-ordered or been with defiance from day 1
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    Old school for sure!

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    Another vote for Insomniac.

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    Existing title I would like to see would be “Black Death”
    I also think the Tin Foil Hat should be available. Haven’t taken it off since I got it. For good reason too.
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