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    Response and Criticisms to 2 Live streams

    graphics- texture is nice but lighting and distant LOD is virtually the same. Lighting is a major factor. It also still feels like everything is still sort of bland and the saturation is turned down. you aren't pushing anything unless this is poorly optimized. Texture is nice, but most of this game has a lack of clutter or flora, sort of ends up making the game look like its from 2004 despite the upgrade in quality. Also models, you're virtually using the same models, same contrast, same everything just with a different texture. The world models are quite frankly poor.

    Weapons- Bringing in the combat and making it tighter? well what about snipers? will they again be virtually useless due to the fact load distance is 50m? Fast, heavy and strong is nice but what about the huge amount of people who PREFER snipers over anything else? definitely happy about most of this, especially inventory. With weapon stat upgrading and rolling, good. this is a great addition.

    Classes- Melee class? YES PLEASE New classes frequently YES ****ING PLEASE
    Swapping class? **** yeah! Obtainable classes AND NEW EGO POWERS mmmmmmHELL YEAH. Classes were ****ing nailed, for sure. If you don't have a berserk class i'm going to be disappointed.

    Quest- Tons of gifts from quests. Level gated missions? this can either be done terribly or extremely well done, and i sure hope its the latter. promoting exploration and leveling and side quests, but don't make it slow.


    Threat/zone- each zone has its own power. This is nice, i really hated missions where a 6000 would schlide on through and **** up my mission because i was playing a lower toon. This also allows for a better feeling of progression. More differences and ark fall types for different types of loot? hell yeah.

    Valor- this is supposed to make up for money and time, but will it really cover it? will a few costumes and titles cover hundreds of hours and dollars spent on your game?
    While it'd be unfair to give players everything back on top of Valor there should be a better way to appease old players.

    DLC- included in the base game. This is good for the previous DLC, but where is a lot of your money going to come from? Also including new DLC will be a good idea, but you could tie this in to previously played and paid players who bought the old DLC.

    Melee- you touched on melee briefly saying it was being improved? I would definitely like to see more weapon types than just swords for melee, like dual daggers or or some sort of axe type thing. would add a lot to customization for melee, especially since there's going to be a melee class. Maybe a block?

    This wasn't covered but better look customization- I'd definitely like to see more hairstyles, face paints, face types and customization sliders. I know this wouldn't be done, but different outfit accessories or pieces would be interesting with color customization or naming my personal favorite gun if ive added mods to it.

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    Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. We'll go into detail about other aspects of the game as we get closer to Beta and Launch.
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    " Tons of gifts from quests"
    Rather everything is going to be nerfed like af again. Just look on the example of Alamo. every occasion to get more from the game than you would normally could get is being fixed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KNN View Post
    " Tons of gifts from quests"
    Rather everything is going to be nerfed like af again. Just look on the example of Alamo. every occasion to get more from the game than you would normally could get is being fixed.

    Hope this includes stability lag as well. Just on its already ridiculous .
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    Has anything been said or done about draw distance to players? Currently you can see enemy tags nearly twice as far before they render in.

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