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    Quote Originally Posted by TheNeoReaper View Post
    Which were paid for by a lot of players in the none F2P version.
    No one is "re-buying" the DLCs for 2050 because they don't exist yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infinity Eagle View Post
    I think the reskinned game is going to be a epic.....
    Hahahaha, nice one IE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nico View Post
    Well I tried to read everyone post here but just kept getting more and more upset so jumped to here. I think its just plain wrong that we have to Grind to get currency to get things we already own. Isnt this a case where it is intellectual property? Meaning we already own it and shouldnt have to pay for it again in any currency? Myself this entire thing is going to be another Thumper, you know Trion says dont worry guys we are going to take care of you and you will get a really good gun.
    We still do own it, and can play with it any time we want. On ps3.

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