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    Broken Shield Cap & Nerfed "The Ex Inanis" BMG ....and more.

    My Superiority Respark Regenerator still has the shield cap of a white (common) shield instead of that of a JP respark. This shield was an original JP received from expeditions.

    Perfected BM-4 Stingray has incorrect uncommon roll (green roll) for +max links, should be "+3 max links" not the "+2 max links"

    When I go to salvage matrix and look through inventory game will crash before I get to LMGs. Have to use quick menu to do anything in salvage matrix.

    Have to do some menu trickery just to get the chip selection to show up on equipped rigs, most of the time it will just tell me I don't have one equipped.

    Auto extractions: If you down while holding jump/extract button you will be extracted without any delay... meaning you go down while jumping you get auto extracted.

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    I don't think these bug matter anymore since reality is that Defiance is full of bugs now. And what do you mean by a nerfed Ex Inanis BMG? Ex Inanis itself is a nerf, how can a nerf nerf an item?
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    We also want honesty and transparency. Don't say one thing and then do another. And silence is worst of all. Don't say our voices matter and just completely ignore us.
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    How hard will it be to bring the HUNT back? Remove nerfs and let us enjoy it before it's gone!
    ``Some people can't leave things be, they have to ruin it for everyone else!``

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