Ever danced with a Sensoth in the pale moonlight? Done the boogie woogie with a Castithan until you were lactose intolerant? Either way, if you’ve read this far, you’re the crew member for us! We are building up our Crew ahead of Defiance 2050 to get ready to fight the good fight in all its new glory! Come have fun! Maybe even make a few Radio shows of your own! or help us with the ones we have going right now. There is lots to this community and we'd like you to be apart of it to. So hit me up on here, in-game (character name Halnar, or BeckAltarr) or head over to the K-TAM Radio website www.ktamradio.com, join the discord linked on the website And we will get you that Casti milk bath going! unless your already Lactose intolerant, in that case. The Sensoth will have to do.

K-TAM Radio, Let's Play!