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    Started with what should have been a goodbye, but has now turned into a thread with comic book villains. Can a mod close the thread? Jesus Criminy
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    Quote Originally Posted by PurePlayinSerb View Post
    boy things sure have changed in paradise, no wonder why all the powerhouse clans have disappeared, the big clans are returning, you saying you're gonna leave might be cause ya can't take the return of the original defiance players who actually paid for the game coming back to rule paradise again
    nobody is scared of failed season 1 clans

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    It's been my pleasure playing with you over these last few years. I remember you coming to my stream everyday just watching me play and do my normal day to day. We've had lots of conversations, sometimes not even pertaining to Defiance but just as friends. I would say I'd miss you but we both know I'll see you on ps4. Thanks for actually listening when you would ask questions and I hope it made your Defiance experience that much better. Funny how 2 of the most hated people from ps3 NA could turn out to be your best friends eh? Don't drink the koolaid or believe the hype.

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    Sad to hear you leave jay! I seen you on my stream a few days ago! Thanks for the follow by the way! I understand your feelings and I respect them. You seem like an awesome person and I regret not getting the chance to play Defiance with you. Hope the best for you!

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    Oh, Jay. I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat! People like you are the reason I choose to give gear out freely. It was always a treat getting to interact with you, in the past and recently. I know we'll bump into the other again on PS4, sooner or later! Until then, you take all the care in the world, yeah? Enjoy future games to the utmost! And should you happen to pop in on 2050 when it's released, know that you've got a home in my clan - - and providing we can still utilize a trading system - - I'll happily share weapons with you once again.

    Take care, lovely!
    Also. Damn, now who am I going to give my infectors to?!
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    Thank you for your kind words on the forum, good to be your clanmate if only for a short while
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    It's funny how the most hated people in Defiance are actually the best people in the game. I seen you around Jay, sorry to see you go. If you ever decide to give 2050 a chance we will be there with open arms.

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    Jay, I'm glad I was able to brighten an evening for you! Take care, my friend! I'm sure we'll bump into one another on PS4.
    "It is what it is..."
    Quote Originally Posted by Destromathe View Post
    I can assure you that we care deeply about Defiance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stoodakiss View Post
    nobody is scared of failed season 1 clans
    lol failed? i still have 320 members, sure it's not the thousands of members i lost since i moved on to next gen consoles, but do you realize those "failed" clans only failed because their leaders left to go to next gen, why do you think we are all returning for 2050, cause it's finally on next gen consoles which we been on for 4-5 years now. it's as if you resent us for leaving defiance behind when we went to next gen, when gun prices fall back down to earth to a couple hundred thousand scrip or tops a million or two scrip ya can thank us for returning then, have fun spending 100's of millions of scrip on guns, cause clearly when we left y'all sure took great care of the community we built
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    You sure didnt leave us with much then...
    Not easy. Just simple.

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