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    Xbox EU clans on Defiance 2050

    What clans are planning to go to new Defiance aswell? We are making Ark Legion Elite there too, and almost all our main members are going there aswell. I would like to know what clans are going to new Defiance aswell? I would be happy to see all the "main" clans there, or at least people.

    Also if some clans are not going there, we are willing to take all the people we know, so nobody has to stay out, and can join with people they know Feel free to message me here or in game, if you're planning to create same clans with same, or new names.

    Also if anyone has any other plans, the people on the server should know about, let us know. I have asked around in game too, but I thought to make a post here too, just in case, because there are players who dont play anymore, but are getting active again in new Defiance. in fact there might be some of the old big clans too created again, i've heard.
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    ill be remaking Nuclear Rubber, if samminator doesnt want to.

    will be good to have a race to see which clans can hit level 10 in all areas again! last time NR got it by about maybe 24-36 hours before the next big clans, both on xbox eu, and the other 5 servers.

    but i think it was due to us being 2x as large as everyone else.

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    Good to know that Rubber is not dead, and will be going to new Defiance too I have also heard that Tale of Time goes there aswell. And our Ark Legion Elite has existed as long the game itself, so we are very tight "family" and for sure we are going to be in new Defiance, and the old original one. I just want all possible people and community who knows each other very well, and are friends, to not die as community for this. I want us to keep going and evolve even better I think it kinda makes sense, that people care about friends who they have spent years together, playing hours after hours every single day.
    XBOX360 EU

    GT: Barbababaa

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