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    Looking for a NA clan.

    Hi folks,

    I'm looking for a clan. As the title says, I'm looking for a NA one.

    About me and what I'm looking for:

    I'm a returning player. I grabbed the game when it came out on 360, got me a hellbug statue thing. I played for a few months. For some reason or another, I stopped playing. I ended up giving my 360 to my nephew and havent touched the game since they changed the grenades from a cool down to an actual number you needed to replenish. I'm currently around 550ish ego rating. My play style is support, but DPS if there is plenty of support. I dont really have an interest in PvP, I may give it a try ,but it isn't my cup of coffee. I am an East Coast player and pretty much am on in the evenings a few times a week, some Saturdays family dependent.

    Voice communication is going to be a desire, I rarely even look at chat. I am also looking for a clan that has intentions to moving to 2050 when it is released. I dont really want to join and play with folks who have no intentions of making the move in a few months.

    Thanks for looking

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    Hi there Tracy! K-tam sounds like a good place for you to start looking. We are NA I my self am east coast. We have a discord. We are a casual group of players and aren't PvP heavy either. we have an online radio to go along with our name. Head over to ktamradio.com where you will find a discord link down the page on the right. I my self am on mostly through the night as I work night shifts so that's when you will find me on.

    Hope to see you soon!

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