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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallen_Aingeal View Post
    I traded with everyone. I didn't need to "price check", as I set my own.

    Your arguments/statements hold absolutely no merit to my gaming experience. A peacock with an unimpressive plume...JS
    Took the words out of my mouth. Never did I feel like I was missing out by being apart of my clan. Which also was maybe a few dozen. Had tons of fun. That's why I'm back.

    Hope to gain a few more dozen back for defiance 2050

    Good hunting to you Fallen_Aingeal and good posts! Keep am comin

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    Ashamed that I read this thread

    IGN: Combo Breaker

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    The Defiant Few Trading Post
    i have been warned not to respond to people flaming me, see y'all in paradise 2050

    GamerTag - PurePlayinSerb
    Clan - Defiant Few (Founder)
    Character Name - Stinger

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    Wisely put fellow Browncoat, Enigma. As they continue to insult they will know their final judgment as it strikes down from the True King himself. None will be abolished, and none will be spared. The final reckoning is amongst us. Paradise will be revitalized once again... and now allow me to leave you a piece of advice you non-believer commoners tend to say..
    "Nice guys finish last." Bow before the True King. Paradise once again is before us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by richardkrainium View Post
    think its sad and funny that ppl that quit years ago from clans that died years ago still think they are relevant. and fyi, the big 3 died a long time ago due to bad leadership
    LoL, I was thinking the same thing as I read post after post. Oh and my first instinct when I see "Browncoat" is "Welcome to club Mute."

    The real OGs still play everyday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Combo Breaker View Post
    Ashamed that I read this thread
    LMAO...I felt the same way. I was like "This has to be trolls"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camel View Post
    Hey man I'm not? That's funny tho IP check me I'm from the UK Mate
    “Look at me, I use the word “mate”, definetely british.”

    That proves it.

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    Lol it's plain as day this person is the leader just using a dummy account. First off, even IF they heard about the leader from a mate they wouldn't give a rats *** about their motives. Secondly this screams "I need attention I'm lonely"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sldr View Post
    I dis agree xxxImmortalkingsxxx are still around full force and very active members since the beginning
    One of the few origanol clans still going and will move over too xbox one
    um..immortalkings wasnt one of the big three

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    To me, 'Browncoats' sounds a lot like a bathroom code.

    amirite? LuLzz
    PS4 NA - Pine Tarr - Castithan - <Shanje Liro> - EGO: 50
    Assault: 25 - Demolitionist: 25

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